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27 Jun 2022 | Sales & Marketing

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Shopify Themes

Design is the foundation of an online store and also for creating a great user experience. Customers tend to avoid a poorly designed website. Your eCommerce store needs to be easy, functional, and intuitive to use. By using a Shopify theme, you can create a beautifully designed website with intuitive functionality that is essential to your eCommerce success.

Shopify has an enormous collection of premium Shopify themes that you can apply to create your eCommerce store. In this article, we have curated a list of the 15 best Shopify themes to help your eCommerce business become successful. But before that let’s explore what makes a good theme and its advantages for your business. 

What is a Shopify Theme?

Shopify themes are templates that give your eCommerce website or store a specific look and feel. Themes come in different layouts and styles and can be customized to match your brand. Themes let you finetune your site even if you have no idea how to code. Right now, Shopify has 9 free eCommerce themes of its own which you can select from its site. 

What Makes the Best Shopify Themes for Your Business?

Look at the parameters below to select the right Shopify theme for your business.  

Your Target Audience

Your website design should connect with the audience. Create a buyer persona to discover who your target audience is. This should include details like their age, gender, their hobbies and interests, and the type of devices they use. 

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The Type of User Experience You Want to Offer

Think about what you want your customers to experience when they visit your eCommerce store. For example, for an athletic wear store, your viewers should feel energetic. If your store design is aligned with the viewer’s expectations and your business goals, then the visitors feel at home and your business gets higher conversions. 

Optimized for All Devices

Choose a theme that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices and loads quickly. It helps counter website abandonment issues and thus lowers the bounce rate

Matches with Your Brand

A good theme should match your brand. A customizable Shopify theme lets you create fonts, color schemes, and logos aligned to your brand. 

Good Security & Customer Support

Best Shopify themes free or premium should provide good security otherwise it may be the target of malicious attacks. Also, you may have lots of queries and issues when building your store. If the developer provides good customer support, it will make your task easier. Therefore, take these two factors into account too before selecting the theme. 

Best Shopify themes for Ecommerce 

Here are some of the best Shopify themes that will help in building and launching your eCommerce store. 


Debut is a customizable Shopify theme that is quick and easily navigable. It is flexible and supports a wide range of stores irrespective of the inventory size. It is optimized for both mobile and other devices and looks great on both. The best thing about this theme is that it is free and is supported and distributed by Shopify itself.  


Wokiee ranks high on the theme hierarchy and is considered as one of the best Shopify themes currently. It is a unique, powerful, and multipurpose theme that is feature-rich. You can customize and create layouts, collections, and styles among other things.  It has more than a hundred content blocks and homepage layouts with several options for store and product pages. You can configure products quickly with it. It supports dynamic filtering and with in-built apps, there is no need to buy 3rd party plugins. You can build fast and responsive websites with an amazing user experience without any help from a web designer. And it costs only $69. 


Simple is one of the best Shopify themes free of cost. This clean and minimalist theme consistently gets good reviews. It is easy to set up and gets your eCommerce store running quickly. It offers all the basic functionalities and provides a huge area for product image display and is great to install if you have a Shop page on your website.  


Pacific is one of the premium Shopify themes that provide a wide range of flexible features that will help your store grow quickly. Use its custom modules to build homepage sections. You can also create multiple product page layouts and multi-column menus with this theme. You can use it for various niches. Use its SEO options and promotional options to gain visibility and increase sales. Pacific costs $180 and also includes free customer support and provides lifetime updates for the theme.


If you are looking for the best Shopify themes for eCommerce then consider Debutify too. Debutify does not require any coding experience or knowledge. It has a fast page loading speed and comes with several advanced functions and features. These features include a currency converter, customizable product descriptions, images and testimonials, customizable image sliders for products, headers, and footers, and a guaranteed bar having more than a thousand icons. And the best thing is you can have a free trial before you decide to buy this theme.  


Empire is considered one of the premium Shopify themes. It is a robust Shopify theme that has an Amazon-like design. It can be used for different niches and is built for high-scale online stores that have huge product catalogs. It has excellent styles and color palettes that you can use to customize your store. It is feature-rich with options like advanced product filtering, pre-added social media icons, custom promotion tiles, and quick purchase options among others. Keeping all the features in mind, its $180 price is a reasonable one.  


Brooklyn is a theme by Shopify and is one of the best Shopify themes free if your store has fewer products instead of a large inventory. It is easy to navigate and is optimized for mobile devices as it comes with a mobile-first responsive design approach. Use its top full-screen to show your product images as a slideshow.  

Fashion Store

Fashion store as the name suggests is one of the best Shopify themes for fashion-related products. The theme has a responsive design and you can easily create a highly customizable homepage complete with ready sections with its help. Fashion store is packed with features that will help your fashion store succeed. It has a custom slider and supports multiple currencies. You can display the products with text overlay. It has integrated google maps and also comes with cross-browser compatibility. You can purchase this theme at $139 for your eCommerce fashion store. 


Boundless is one of the best Shopify themes free if your website’s high-quality photographs are your USP and strong point. It is a minimalist theme that highlights the product photographs as a center point. With great product images, you can sell a variety of products that have a visible appeal. 


Fastest is one of the best Shopify themes for conversion, Bounce rates are minimized as it is quick loading with a smart and responsive design.  It comes with a visual page builder and also supports drop shipping sites. It is a functional theme with great supporting features like allowing resizable product catalogs and grouped product images with integrated product review apps. Other features include an upsell feature, a sales countdown timer with Ajax cart update. It also supports multiple languages and currencies and is a bargain at $56. 


Venture is one of the best Shopify themes for eCommerce businesses related to outdoor sports and adventure categories as it has a sporty and adventurous vibe. You can use it to create drop shipping stores with a large number of products. And the best thing about this theme is that it is free. 


Flow is one of the premium Shopify themes that showcase your products in the best way possible. It is a high-performance minimal theme with great speed. Some of its features include a long-form home page with embeddable videos, a collection page sidebar, and a distinct product grid. It also features promotional banners and has a unique slide-out cart that lets the visitors add products without leaving the page. It is a mobile-optimized site and comes with integrated social media icons. Flow has an unlimited free trial where you can set up an online store. You only have to pay when you publish it. And the price is $160. 


Fashe is a minimalist theme developed by Colorlib. It can be used for different types of product categories spanning across domains like edibles to accessories. You can customize it to create a great-looking online store and that too for free. 


Helas is one of the best Shopify themes for fashion-related eCommerce stores. It has an elegant and sensible design and puts your products at the forefront for your visitor’s benefit. It is a fully responsive theme that is easy to navigate with plenty of features and customizable options. It comes with amazing support and with lifelong free updates.  It is a steal at the price of $62.  


Ella is one of the best Shopify themes with All-in-one functionality. It has an Ajax layered navigation module and is optimized for speed and navigation. You can use it to create multiple homepage layouts having a unique product and shopping pages. It is a fully responsive theme with some great features like a landing page image slider, automatic image resize with 1 click checkout facility. Its price is $59. 

Are you looking for the perfect Shopify theme for your business? Choosing the right theme is crucial for your eCommerce success. A good theme should not only be visually appealing but also user-friendly and optimized for conversions. With thousands of Shopify themes to choose from, finding the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the top 15 best Shopify themes for eCommerce success.

Our list includes both free and premium Shopify themes. Some of the best Shopify themes for conversion are Debutify, Booster, and Flex. These themes have been designed to enhance the user experience and drive sales. On the other hand, premium Shopify themes like Shoptimized and Turbo are perfect for larger eCommerce stores that require advanced customization and flexibility.

At Brego Business Digital Marketing Services, we understand the importance of choosing the right Shopify theme for your business. That’s why we offer our clients a range of digital marketing services to help them achieve their eCommerce goals. From website design and development to SEO and PPC, we’re here to help you take your eCommerce store to the next level.

If you’re ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level, contact Brego Business Digital Marketing Services today. We’ll help you choose the perfect Shopify theme for your business and provide you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed.


So, these are some of the best Shopify themes that you can use for building a successful eCommerce store. Most of these have customization options that you can use to tune your site as per your customers and your specifications. Most of these themes also allow a free trial, which you can utilize fully. It allows you to test and then finalize the theme that suits your requirements and gets your online store rolling.

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Yes, Brego Business offers Shopify theme customization services. They can help you create a unique and customized Shopify theme for your business that aligns with your brand and meets your specific needs.

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Yes, Brego Business can recommend the best Shopify themes for eCommerce. They have a team of experts who can help you choose a theme that is optimized for conversion and provides the best user experience.

What are some of the best Shopify themes for conversion?

Some of the best Shopify themes for conversion include Shoptimized, Turbo, and Booster. These themes are designed to maximize conversion rates and help you generate more sales.

Does Brego Business offer premium Shopify themes?

Yes, Brego Business offers premium Shopify themes that are designed to help you stand out from the competition. These themes are highly customizable and offer a range of features to help you optimize your online store for maximum performance.

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