Business Development Executive


You will be directly responsible for reaching out to new prospects, understanding their challenges and pain points and selling a comprehensive solution to streamline their accounts and finance, or marketing department.

Company Description

Brego Business is a B2B fin-tech startup. It’s accrual (a cruel get it? haha) world where entrepreneurs often need professional help with their accounting and digital marketing department. Using world-class people, processes and technology, we streamline these departments for business owners so that they can focus on what matters most- scaling the business.

We’re serving 250+ clients across all sectors and sizes ranging from
99 Pancakes to GOQii and Mcaffeine to Style Cracker.

Job description

  • Hustling daily to GSD (get shit done) – pitching to business owners and thereafter negotiating and winning deals (there’s no better feeling than closing a big deal!)
  • It’s B2B sales – so you know you’ve gotta up your game because you’re interacting directly with the smartest business owners in town.
  • Ability to strike a memorable conversation in an elevator – YES!
    Our BD team members are amongst the most affable and can effectively communicate their point in a short span of time.
  • Networking like a pro – Collaborating with business owners at events and expos to create brand awareness.
  • Ideate and brainstorm – we’re always looking for great ideas and marketing strategies to improve and guess what, your ideas count!


  • This would be ideal for you if you LOVE to talk to new people and are an extrovert
  • High level of responsibility – you are literally in the driver’s seat of the company and control how fast we expand to new verticals and new geographies
  • Entrepreneurial mindset – you want to start your own business in a few years but don’t know where or how to get started. Join us and get first hand experience!
  • Open to new ideas and models – hey, it’s a startup, we keep things lively in here!
  • Willingness to learn and keep yourself updated – we do have weekly trainings – startup podcasts, book reviews, HBR case studies