Arpitha Mehta has an academic background in science. However, since school days she clearly had an affinity towards…

Arpitha Mehta

About the Company

Arpita Mehta is a renowned fashion designer, known for her intricate embroidery work, bold prints, and use of vibrant colors in her designs. She is the founder and CEO of her eponymous clothing brand, Arpita Mehta, which caters to a wide range of occasions, from weddings and festivals to everyday wear. Her clothing line includes sarees, lehengas, dresses, and tops that reflect her passion for fashion and design.

Arpita Mehta was born and raised in Mumbai, India, and developed a keen interest in fashion at a young age. Despite having an academic background in science, she pursued her dreams and earned a degree in Fashion Design from S.N.D.T College of Home Science. Her education equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to design and create her own clothing line.

After completing her fashion degree, Arpita worked with several well-known designers in the industry, honing her skills and gaining valuable experience. This experience helped her launch her own brand in 2009. Since then, Arpita Mehta’s brand has become increasingly popular, with her designs being worn by several Bollywood celebrities.

Her brand is available at select multi-designer stores across India, as well as online, making it accessible to a wider audience. The popularity of her brand has led to an increase in demand, which has allowed the company to expand and hire over 200 employees.

Arpita Mehta’s designs are not only visually stunning but also embody her commitment to sustainability. The brand focuses on using eco-friendly fabrics and reducing waste in their production processes. This dedication to sustainability has garnered praise from both customers and industry experts, further cementing her brand’s position in the fashion industry.

In addition to her successful brand, Arpita has also been recognized for her contributions to the fashion industry. She has been invited to participate in several fashion shows, including Lakme Fashion

Week and Amazon India Fashion Week. Her innovative designs and commitment to sustainability have earned her numerous accolades and awards.

Overall, Arpita Mehta’s passion for fashion, combined with her education and experience, has enabled her to create a successful and sustainable clothing brand. Her designs have gained popularity among celebrities and customers alike, and her commitment to sustainability has set a positive example for the fashion industry.

Despite the challenges faced by the fashion industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, Arpita Mehta’s brand has continued to thrive. In fact, the brand launched a new collection during the pandemic, which was well-received by customers and fashion critics alike.

Her success in the fashion industry can be attributed to her creativity, hard work, and passion for fashion. Her brand has become a symbol of contemporary Indian fashion and has inspired a new generation of fashion designers to explore the intersection between traditional Indian designs and modern fashion aesthetics.

Challenges faced by Arpita Mehta

Arpita faced significant challenges while working with her previous Chartered Accountant (CA). The unpleasant experience impacted her ability to focus on her strengths and creative vision. She had to review all the data personally and was at the mercy of her CA during tax filings, making it difficult to control her accounts and profitability. The consequences of this experience affected her business and overall success.

Having control over one’s accounts and finances is crucial for any business owner. However, the situation she faced was quite different. Her previous CA did not provide her with the necessary support to manage her accounts. As a result, she had to personally review all the data and was entirely dependent on her CA to file taxes. This lack of control over her finances impacted her business in many ways.

The most significant impact of this experience was on Arpita Mehta’s creative vision. As a fashion designer, she needed to focus on her strengths, such as allowing her creative juices to flow, to create unique and innovative designs. However, due to the time-consuming process of reviewing data and the inability to manage her accounts effectively, she was unable to focus on her creativity.

The consequences of this experience affected her business’s profitability as well. Without proper control over her finances, she was unable to make informed decisions that would help her business grow. The lack of support from her CA during tax filings also resulted in unnecessary fines and penalties, which impacted her business’s overall success.

In conclusion, the experience Arpita Mehta had with her previous CA is a cautionary tale for any business owner. The lack of control over finances and accounts can have far-reaching consequences that impact a business’s success. Business owners must have a clear understanding of their financial situation and work with professionals who provide the necessary support to help them manage their finances effectively. By doing so, they can focus on their strengths and ensure that their creative vision and business goals are achieved.

Our Approach

Brego Business, had conducted an accounting review of the client and found that the process was time-consuming and lacked proper streamlining. This review highlighted potential issues regarding the non-deduction of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and GST (Goods and Services Tax), which could have serious implications for the client’s financial standing. As a result, We provided important recommendations and notifications to the client’s internal team to help plan ahead and avoid any negative impacts on their business.The accounting process is a crucial aspect of any business, and the importance of streamlining it cannot be overstated. Our review found that the client’s accounting process was time-consuming and lacked proper organization. This meant that the client’s internal team had to spend an excessive amount of time on accounting tasks, which could have been better spent on other important business activities.

Additionally, We highlighted potential issues with the non-deduction of TDS and GST. These issues could have serious implications for the client’s financial standing, as they could result in penalties and fines from the tax authorities. Therefore, it was essential that we brought these issues to the client’s attention so that they could take action and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

To help the client’s internal team plan ahead and avoid any negative impacts on their business, We provided important notifications in the MIS (Management Information System) report. These notifications included important updates and reminders regarding E-Invoicing and TDS on goods. E-Invoicing is a digital invoice generation system that is mandatory for businesses with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 50 crore, while TDS on goods is a tax deducted at source on certain types of goods.

Overall, Brego Business’s review of their client’s accounting process highlights the importance of proper streamlining and organization. It also emphasizes the need for compliance with tax regulations to avoid any negative impacts on a business’s financial standing. By providing important notifications in the MIS report, Brego Business helped the client’s internal team plan ahead and avoid any potential issues, ultimately contributing to their success.The team ensured that the filing was done in accordance with the location of the head office for Arpita Mehta in Mumbai.

A comprehensive reconciliation of the company’s online portal was conducted, with a focus on recovering any discrepancies and restructuring the book of accounts. The team responsible for the reconciliation process was diligent in their efforts, carefully reviewing all financial transactions and ensuring that everything was accounted for.

The end-to-end recovery process involved identifying any discrepancies in the company’s online portal and correcting them as quickly as possible. This process requires a high degree of attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the company’s accounting systems.

A team of three was established, with accounts leading the charge. The purpose of the team was to ensure that all accounting activities were conducted smoothly and accurately. The was responsible for overseeing the team’s work, ensuring that all accounting tasks were completed on time and to the highest standard.

The Result

Brego Business’s implementation of robust accounting and taxation processes has delivered significant value to their clients. The firm’s services include a comprehensive range of accounting services such as taxation systems implementation, quality checks, payroll management, and financial reporting. Through these services, Brego Business has successfully streamlined the client’s financial processes, ensuring that all the account activities are in place.

The team has gone beyond just implementing processes and has provided strategic insights to the client through financial reporting. These insights have helped the client in making informed business decisions and have contributed to their overall growth and success.

The client has expressed their satisfaction with the services provided by Brego Business, and they consider the firm as their go-to accountants. The firm’s timely quality checks and payroll management have been particularly noteworthy for the client, ensuring that all financial processes are running smoothly.

The client’s mention of “it’s an accrual world” is indicative of their appreciation of Brego Business’s accounting expertise. Accrual accounting is a widely accepted accounting method, which recognizes revenue and expenses when they are incurred, rather than when they are received or paid. This method is important in providing a more accurate picture of a company’s financial health.

Overall, Our implementation of robust accounting processes, strategic insights, and excellent client service has led to their recognition as a trusted accounting firm. Their client’s satisfaction and loyalty to the firm are a testament to their expertise and dedication in providing top-notch accounting services.

This allowed them to focus on growing their business instead on non core activities like accounts & finances

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