Case study – About Oxyjon


The conversion rate skyrocketed to 30.7%.

About the Company

Oxyjon is a healthcare company that provides comprehensive diabetes care through a unique hub-and-spoke model. This model aims to offer holistic care to diabetic patients by combining technology, modern medical practices, and human intervention.The company’s primary objective is to improve the outcomes of patients with diabetes by offering personalized care plans that cater to each patient’s specific needs. The firm understands that diabetes is a chronic condition that requires ongoing management, and hence, the company’s focus is on providing long-term support to patients.One of the core services offered by Oxyjon is sugar reduction packages. These packages provide a personalized diet plan, exercise regimen, and other interventions to help patients manage their blood sugar levels effectively. Additionally, Oxyjon’s team of experts works with patients to identify and address the root causes of their high blood sugar levels.

The firm also offers consultation services for diabetic patients. Patients can consult with Oxyjon’s team of experts to discuss their symptoms, treatment options, and other concerns related to their condition. The company’s team of medical professionals includes endocrinologists, nutritionists, and diabetes educators who work together to provide patients with comprehensive care.

The company’s hub-and-spoke model involves a central hub that coordinates with smaller, more localized spokes. The central hub provides patients with access to a team of medical professionals, while the spokes serve as the primary point of contact for patients. This model enables Oxyjon to provide personalized care to patients while ensuring that they have easy access to medical support.

Oxyjon also offers scheduling services for medical procedures and lab tests. The company understands that managing diabetes often requires patients to undergo regular medical procedures and lab tests. Oxyjon’s team of experts helps patients schedule these procedures at convenient times and locations, making it easier for patients to manage their condition.

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Overall, Oxyjon is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with diabetes. By combining technology, modern medical practices, and human intervention, the company provides personalized care to each patient, helping them manage their condition effectively. The company’s hub-and-spoke model ensures that patients have access to medical support whenever they need it, making diabetes management less stressful and more manageable.

Challenges faced by Oxyjon

Before partnering with Brego Business, Oxyjon had several challenges in their outreach efforts, resulting in a low volume of leads and making it difficult to scale their business. One of the primary challenges was the tedious nature of their outreach process. Their outreach was primarily done through manual efforts, which took a lot of time and resources. They relied heavily on cold calling and emails, which were not very effective in generating leads. The process was also repetitive and did not provide much personalization, which made it difficult to build strong relationships with potential customers.

Additionally, Oxyjon lacked a well-defined target audience. They did not have a clear understanding of who their ideal customer was, which made it challenging to tailor their outreach efforts accordingly. This led to a scattergun approach to their outreach, which was not effective in generating leads or building relationships.

Another challenge was the lack of a robust lead generation process. The company did not have a clear process in place to generate leads, which made it difficult to measure the effectiveness of their outreach efforts. This resulted in a lack of insight into which outreach methods were working and which ones were not.

Finally, Oxyjon struggled with the lack of scalability in their outreach process. The company relied heavily on manual outreach efforts, which were not scalable. As a result, they were not able to generate leads at the volume necessary to scale their business.

Overall, these challenges made it difficult for Oxyjon to generate leads and scale their business. They needed a solution that would streamline their outreach process, help them identify their ideal customer, and provide a scalable lead generation process.

Our Approach

Brego Business took a data-driven approach to help Oxyjon meet their marketing goals. Firstly, they created and optimized the campaign structure to maximize the ROI. This involved identifying the most effective ad formats and targeting strategies, as well as refining the messaging and creatives to better resonate with the target audience. By continually monitoring and analyzing the campaign performance, We were able to make data-backed decisions to improve the overall results.

One key aspect of the campaign optimization was ensuring world-class ad communication. Brego Business worked closely with Oxyjon to understand their unique value proposition and messaging, and then translated that into impactful ad copy and visuals that would capture the attention of potential leads. They also conducted rigorous A/B testing to identify the most effective messaging and creatives.

To capture the best traffic, We utilized a mix of platforms, including social media advertising, search engine advertising, and programmatic advertising. This allowed them to reach potential customers across a range of channels and touchpoints, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement. They also leveraged advanced targeting capabilities to hone in on the most qualified leads, using a combination of demographic, behavioral, and contextual targeting.

Overall, our team  provided Oxyjon with a comprehensive and strategic approach to digital marketing, helping them to overcome their previous challenges and scale their business. By focusing on data-driven decision-making, effective communication, and multi-channel targeting, they were able to achieve significant results and drive real business impact.


With the support of Brego Business, Oxyjon was able to achieve a significant increase in their conversion rate. Prior to partnering with us, Oxyjon was struggling with a conversion rate of only 14%. However, after working with the team to optimize their campaign structure and improve their ad communication, the conversion rate skyrocketed to 30.7%.

Moreover, the increased brand recall and awareness helped in boosting lead volume. Oxyjon was able to capture the attention of potential patients who were seeking diabetes care solutions. As a result, they experienced a significant increase in lead volume. The leads that were generated through the optimized campaigns and improved ad communication were of high quality, resulting in more patients signing up for Oxyjon’s services.

Brego Business’s expertise and experience in digital marketing helped the firm in achieving their goals of increasing brand awareness and generating high-quality leads. The team’s focus on optimizing the campaign structure and improving the ad communication helped in achieving an increase in conversion rate, which directly contributed to the reduction of customer acquisition costs. Overall, Brego Business’s efforts contributed to the success of Oxyjon’s diabetes care solutions, which in turn helped Oxyjon reach more patients and make a positive impact on their lives.

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