Sko is a footwear brand focused on men’s local footwear and ethnic wear. The footwear is very simple, clean-cut. The design speaks for itself…

About SKO

About the Company

The story of SKO began with the entrepreneurial spirit and unique insight of Nishant, who was inspired by the minimalistic approach of Scandinavian design. He recognized a clear gap in the Indian market for contemporary men’s fashion footwear, particularly in the category of open footwear.With this idea in mind, Nishant launched the WCFC brand, which focused specifically on open footwear. His vision was to bring a fresh perspective to the Indian market and offer stylish and comfortable footwear for men. The brand quickly gained popularity and success, with over 80 retail outlets across the country.Buoyed by this success, Nishant decided to expand his business by venturing into closed footwear. He chose the Danish word for shoes, “SKO,” as the name for his new brand. The name was reflective of the Scandinavian design inspiration that had initially sparked his imagination.

SKO’s closed footwear collection offers a range of styles for men, from casual to formal. Each design is crafted with attention to detail, using high-quality materials to ensure both style and durability. The brand’s commitment to quality has helped it gain a loyal customer base.

The SKO brand has continued to grow in popularity, and its success can be attributed to Nishant’s vision and dedication to creating a unique and stylish footwear brand. He has proven that there is a demand for contemporary and fashion-forward footwear in the Indian market, and he has filled the gap with his innovative designs and commitment to quality.

Today, SKO has established itself as a leading footwear brand in India, known for its minimalist and stylish designs. Nishant’s entrepreneurial spirit and ability to identify a gap in the market have been instrumental in the brand’s success. As SKO continues to expand its product range and retail outlets, it is poised to become a major player in the Indian fashion industry.

SKO employs approximately 124 individuals and operates within the manufacturing industry.

Challenges faced by SKO

The company’s challenges primarily centered around brand awareness and online sales. A significant obstacle was the lack of visibility online. They had a successful product, but their website was not optimized for search engines, and they had an inadequate social media presence. As a result, they struggled to attract organic traffic to their site and increase online sales.

Another challenge was the lack of clear messaging and positioning. The company had not defined their UVP or identified their target audience. This inconsistency in messaging made it challenging to attract and retain customers.

Competitive pressures also posed a significant challenge. With other similar products in the market, the company needed to find a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They required a branding strategy that would set them apart and resonate with their target audience.

Improving online sales was another pressing challenge. Despite their product’s success, they were not generating sufficient revenue online. They needed to revamp their website and marketing efforts to drive more online sales.In conclusion, the company faced several challenges that needed to be addressed to achieve their business goals.

Our Approach

Brego Business provided valuable assistance to SKO, a company facing challenges with brand awareness and online sales. One of the significant hurdles that SKO faced was identifying the right target audience for their product. Brego Business spent several days researching and testing to find the right age, income, and city demographics that would be most interested in the SKO brand. Through optimization and A/B testing, Brego Business was able to identify the best target audience for SKO.

In addition to finding the right target audience, Brego Business helped SKO to identify the best platforms to reach their audience. They conducted split testing using different types of creatives on Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads to determine which platform would be most effective in reaching their target audience.

Once Brego Business were able to drive a high volume of traffic to SKO’s online store, they implemented a remarketing strategy. Brego Business heavily remarketed to all the visitors who did not convert on their first visit, resulting in visitors coming back and purchasing from the online store. The remarketing strategy proved to be successful in converting potential customers who had shown interest in the SKO product.Our approach to finding the right target audience, split testing, and remarketing strategies proved to be successful in improving SKO’s brand awareness and online sales. By targeting the right audience, SKO was able to increase their conversion rates and generate more revenue online. Brego Business’s expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce helped SKO to establish a more effective online presence, improving their overall success in the market.


Brego Business’s services proved to be immensely beneficial for SKO, leading to a remarkable recovery for the brand. Through a combination of targeted research, split testing, and remarketing, they were able to help SKO overcome its challenges and achieve its goals.

One of the significant achievements was the increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) to up to 2.92 in just four months, representing an overall increase of 88%. This increase was crucial for SKO as it translated into higher revenue, improved profitability, and a better return on investment for their marketing efforts.

Moreover, the website purchases saw a significant boost, rising by 180% in just three months. This increase in sales was a testament to the effectiveness of Brego Business’s approach to marketing, which targeted the right audience and engaged them with compelling creatives and messaging.

Our paid ad experts worked closely with SKO to devise a strategy that would maximize their return on investment. By trying a combination of Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads with different types of creatives on each ad campaign, they were able to identify the best platform to target SKO’s audience. This approach allowed them to optimize their ad spend and focus on the platforms that delivered the most significant results.

Another critical aspect of their strategy was remarketing. By heavily remarketing to all visitors who did not convert on their first visit, Brego Business were able to drive a high volume of traffic to the online store. This approach resulted in users coming back and purchasing, thus improving SKO’s sales and overall revenue.In summary, Brego Business’s efforts helped SKO recover from its challenges, leading to a significant increase in website purchases and a higher return on ad spend. Through targeted research, split testing, and remarketing, they were able to identify and engage with the right audience, which translated into improved profitability and growth for the brand.

In addition to the ROAS increase, there was a 55% improvement in impressions, indicating that the brand’s ads were reaching a larger audience. This improvement in impression rates showed that the brand’s targeting was more effective, and the right audience was being reached.

Moreover, there was a 33% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA). This reduction in CPA showed that the brand’s ad campaigns were more efficient, and the cost of acquiring new customers decreased. This improvement in CPA was critical to the brand’s overall profitability and return on investment (ROI).

Overall, the combination of the increased ROAS, improved impression rates, and reduced CPA showed that the brand’s advertising strategy was successful. The results achieved by Brego Business were instrumental in helping the brand achieve its marketing goals and reach its target audience more effectively.

Brego Business is proud to have guided SKO in implementing the shopping cart feature on their website. As a provider of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services, our goal is to help businesses optimize their online presence and drive more traffic to their website.

By implementing the shopping cart feature on SKO’s website, we were able to enhance their customers’ shopping experience and simplify the checkout process. This feature allows customers to select and add items to their virtual cart, providing a convenient and efficient way to shop online.

Moreover, adding the shopping cart feature on SKO’s website can lead to an increase in sales and revenue, as customers are more likely to make a purchase when the checkout process is hassle-free and user-friendly. Our team at Brego Business worked closely with SKO to ensure the shopping cart feature was integrated seamlessly into their website, providing a smooth shopping experience for their customers.At Brego Business, we are dedicated to helping businesses succeed online by providing innovative solutions that drive traffic, increase conversions, and boost sales. We are thrilled to have helped SKO in enhancing their website and look forward to continuing our partnership to achieve even greater success in the future.

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