Achieved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 2.5%.


Click-Through Rate (CTR)


Cost Per Mille (CPM)

About the Company

FreshKatch, a pioneering seafood delivery service in India, is brought to you by MarketPro, a diversified marketing group. With a clear mission to provide fresh, chemical-free seafood directly from the fishermen in Rameswaram to customers’ doorsteps, FreshKatch aims to revolutionize the seafood industry in India.

At FreshKatch, hygiene and safety are of paramount importance. The brand adheres to stringent standards to ensure that the seafood is handled with care and maintained at the highest quality. Each seafood order is meticulously cleaned, cut, and packed separately in food-grade packaging right at the source, ensuring that customers receive the freshest seafood possible. To preserve the freshness of the seafood until delivery, FreshKatch uses temperature-controlled vans equipped with ice boxes for the last-mile delivery.

One of the key differentiators of FreshKatch is its commitment to providing seafood that is truly fresh. The brand takes pride in delivering seafood that is caught within 18 hours of the order being placed. Nothing is stored and sold, ensuring that customers receive the freshest catch available. The firm aims to bring the authentic taste of the sea to customers’ tables, allowing them to indulge in the goodness of freshly caught seafood without compromising on quality.

The company’s focus on freshness and quality extends to its wide variety of seafood offerings. Customers can choose from a range of options, including fish, prawns, crabs, and more, all sourced directly from the fishermen in Rameswaram. The brand is dedicated to providing customers with a diverse selection of seafood, allowing them to explore and enjoy the rich flavors of the sea in the comfort of their own homes.As a brand, they prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience. The app-based platform makes it easy for customers to place orders and have fresh seafood delivered to their doorstep with just a few clicks. The brand’s commitment to high hygiene and safety standards, along with its emphasis on freshness and variety, has earned it a loyal customer base who appreciate the convenience and quality that FreshKatch offers.

In conclusion, FreshKatch, brought to you by MarketPro, is India’s first and exclusive app-based seafood delivery service. With its mission to provide fresh, chemical-free seafood directly from the fishermen in Rameswaram, the brand ensures high hygiene and safety standards while delivering a diverse range of seafood options. The brand’s commitment to freshness, quality, and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as a trusted and reliable source for seafood in India.

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Challenges faced by FreshKatch

Order Fulfillment Challenges

FreshKatch struggled to meet their targeted order numbers due to an overwhelmed order fulfillment process that resulted in delays in order processing, packaging, and shipping. This led to missed delivery deadlines, frustrated customers, and a detrimental impact on sales and reputation.

Difficulty in Optimizing Order Management Process

Despite their efforts to address the issue, FreshKatch found it challenging to optimize their order management process to keep up with the surging demand for their fresh seafood.

Subheader: Need to Modernize SEM CreativesFreshKatch recognized the need to modernize their SEM creatives, including ad copy and visuals, as they had become outdated and lacked relevance in the fast-paced digital landscape. This resulted in lower click-through rates and underperforming ads compared to their competitors.

Our Approach

Thorough Audit and Customized Plan

Brego Business conducted a thorough audit of FreshKatch’s existing SEM campaigns and analyzed performance data to identify areas for improvement. They devised a customized plan to optimize FreshKatch’s SEM strategies, with a focus on the order fulfillment process and creative modernization.

Streamlining Order Fulfillment Process

Brego Business helped FreshKatch implement an automated order processing system, inventory management, and shipping solutions to streamline their order management process. This resulted in improved order processing times and better customer satisfaction.

Modernizing SEM Creatives

Brego Business conducted in-depth market research and redesigned ad copy and visuals to make them visually appealing, relevant, and aligned with the audience’s preferences. They optimized keywords and ad placements to improve ad relevancy and increase CTR.

Implementing New SEM Strategies

Brego Business recommended implementing new SEM strategies, such as social media advertising, remarketing campaigns, and Google Shopping ads, to expand FreshKatch’s reach and attract new customers.

Performance Reporting and Ongoing Monitoring

Brego Business provided regular performance reports, conducted ongoing monitoring, and optimization to ensure SEM strategies remained effective and aligned with FreshKatch’s goals.

Subheader: Positive OutcomesAs a result of Brego Business’s approach, the company achieved improved order fulfillment process, higher CTR, and improved ad performance, leading to overall success in their online marketing efforts.

The Results

Brego Business, took a proactive approach to tackle the SEM challenges faced by FreshKatch. The firm was struggling with meeting their targeted order numbers and modernizing their creatives for SEM, which had resulted in missed order targets and decreased ad performance. Brego Business devised a comprehensive strategy and implemented various optimizations to overcome these challenges, resulting in significant positive outcomes for FreshKatch.

One of the first steps taken by Brego Business was to conduct a thorough audit of FreshKatch’s existing SEM campaigns. They analyzed the performance data and identified areas of improvement. Based on their findings, they devised a customized plan to optimize the companies SEM strategies.To address the challenge of meeting targeted order numbers, Brego Business implemented an automated order processing system for FreshKatch. This streamlined the order management process, resulting in faster order processing times and improved customer satisfaction. Inventory management and shipping solutions were also implemented to ensure efficient handling of orders, reducing delays and missed delivery deadlines. As a result, the compant experienced an increase in order numbers and improved order fulfillment rates, resulting in satisfied customers and increased sales.

In terms of modernizing creatives for SEM, Brego Business conducted in-depth market research to identify the latest trends and preferences of FreshKatch’s target audience. They redesigned the ad copy and visuals, making them visually appealing, relevant, and aligned with the audience’s preferences. Keyword optimization and ad placement strategies were also implemented to improve ad relevancy and increase click-through rates (CTR). FreshKatch’s SEM creatives were updated to reflect current industry trends and customer preferences, resulting in improved ad performance and higher engagement with the target audience.

In addition to optimizing the existing campaigns, Brego Business recommended implementing new SEM strategies to expand FreshKatch’s reach and attract new customers. Social media advertising, remarketing campaigns, and Google Shopping ads were leveraged to tap into new audiences and increase brand exposure. These strategies helped FreshKatch reach a wider audience, resulting in increased website traffic and brand visibility.

Throughout the process, Brego Business provided regular performance reports to FreshKatch, showcasing the improvements in key metrics such as CTR, conversion rates, and overall return on investment (ROI). They also conducted ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure the SEM strategies remained effective and aligned with firms goals. This allowed for timely adjustments and optimizations to further enhance the campaign performance.

As a result of Brego Business’s expertise and comprehensive approach, FreshKatch experienced significant positive outcomes. The order fulfillment process became more efficient, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased order numbers. The modernized creatives for SEM captured the attention of the firms target audience, resulting in higher CTR and improved ad performance. The implementation of new SEM strategies expanded FreshKatch’s reach and increased brand exposure, resulting in higher website traffic and potential new customers. Overall, Brego Business’s strategic optimizations and ongoing monitoring helped FreshKatch overcome their SEM challenges and achieve success in their online marketing efforts.

The company has shown remarkable performance improvements with the support of Brego Business. The Click-Through Rate (CTR) has soared to an impressive 2.5%, indicating that more users are engaging with FreshKatch’s ads. This reflects the effectiveness of the marketing efforts led by Brego Business, as a higher CTR is a key indicator of successful ad campaigns.

Furthermore, the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) has also reached 2.5%, which is a significant achievement. This means that FreshKatch is generating a considerable return on their advertising investment, thanks to the strategies and optimizations implemented by Brego Business. This speaks to the effectiveness of their collaboration in driving positive business results.Additionally, the Cost Per Mille (CPM), which measures the cost of 1,000 ad impressions, is at an impressive 5. This indicates that Brego Business’s approach has resulted in efficient ad spending, maximizing the impact of companies budget.Overall, the partnership between FreshKatch and Brego Business has delivered substantial performance improvements, as evidenced by the increased CTR, ROAS, and cost-effective CPM.

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