MadderMuch, a design house nurtures entrepreneurship in the realm of sustainable and responsible fashion, carving a...

Madder Much

About the Company

MadderMuch, a design house nurtures entrepreneurship in the realm of sustainable and responsible fashion, carving a distinctive path in the industry. Rooted in India, this studio known as Studio Indieco, has a profound mission to empower designers, engage artisans, boost local economies, champion ethical sourcing, and advocate for earth-safe packaging. Their vision is not just a mere concept but a way of life; they envision themselves in happy vacuums of island living while drawing strength from the enchantment of the ocean.

Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of MadderMuch’s values. Their workspace thrives on the collaborative efforts of both men and women, who come together, combining their unique skills to create magical clothing designs that embody the spirit of travel. Their creations inspire wanderlust and a yearning for exploration, instilling a sense of adventure in those who wear them.

The heart of MadderMuch’s philosophy lies in their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. As a design house that deeply cares for the environment, they employ actions that benefit nature and communities alike. By nurturing and promoting local talents and artisans, MadderMuch contributes to preserving traditional crafts and craftsmanship, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of India.With a sunshine state of mind, MadderMuch encapsulates the essence of island cool and ocean blues in their designs. Each piece of clothing they craft reflects a sense of calm and relaxation, as if writing postcards from far-away, exotic beaches. Their garments resonate with a distinct charm that aligns effortlessly with the ocean breeze, making them the perfect companions for any adventure.

Beyond aesthetics, MadderMuch remains true to its vision of advocating for responsible fashion practices. Through ethical sourcing, they ensure that their materials are obtained through fair trade, supporting local communities and empowering them economically. Moreover, their commitment to earth-safe packaging reflects their dedication to minimizing the ecological footprint of their operations, contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

MadderMuch is not just a brand; it represents a lifestyle – the Mediterranean Life – where grace, beauty, and sustainability coexist in harmony. Their designs are a tribute to the remarkable strength and versatility of the women they cater to, as they effortlessly embody elegance in every aspect of their lives.

Challenges faced by MadderMuch

In their pursuit of making a positive impact on the industry, MadderMuch has encountered several challenges that have tested their resilience and determination. This article delves into the three key obstacles they have faced – the high CPM on Meta platforms, the lack of lifestyle images for ads, and the impact of a high AOV on their business strategy.

  1. High CPM on Meta Platforms

As a brand firmly rooted in sustainability, MadderMuch has chosen to embrace digital advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach its target audience effectively. However, the landscape of digital advertising is ever-evolving, with increased competition and changes in platform algorithms. These factors have resulted in a high CPM (Cost Per Mille), meaning that the cost of reaching 1,000 potential customers through ads has become a considerable expense.

  1. Lack of Lifestyle Images for Ads

In the fast-paced world of fashion marketing, captivating visuals play a pivotal role in connecting with consumers on an emotional level. Lifestyle images, in particular, allow customers to envision themselves wearing the brand’s clothing in real-life scenarios, fostering a stronger sense of identification with the brand’s values and aesthetics. Unfortunately, MadderMuch initially faced a challenge in producing a sufficient quantity of high-quality lifestyle images for their advertising campaigns.

  1. Impact of High AOV on Business Strategy

MadderMuch has been successful in crafting premium, sustainable fashion that resonates with conscious consumers. However, their commitment to quality and ethical practices has resulted in a higher-than-average AOV (Average Order Value). While a high AOV indicates that customers are willing to invest in their premium products, it also presents challenges in terms of accessibility and broadening their customer base.

To navigate this challenge, MadderMuch has implemented strategic promotional initiatives. They offer limited-time discounts and rewards programs to incentivize purchases, making their products more appealing to a wider audience. Additionally, the brand has diversified its product offerings to include a range of price points while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship. This approach has struck a balance between retaining their brand integrity and catering to the needs of a diverse customer base.

Our Approach

Brego Business aimed to help MadderMuch overcome the obstacles posed by high CPM on Meta platforms, the absence of lifestyle images for ads, and the impact of a high AOV on their business strategy.

  1. Addressing High CPM on Meta Platforms

Brego Business recognized that the high CPM on Meta platforms was a pressing concern for MadderMuch’s digital advertising efforts. To tackle this challenge, they conducted an in-depth analysis of MadderMuch’s target audience and competitors. Leveraging this data, they devised a multi-faceted approach to diversify the brand’s digital presence while optimizing ad spend.

The agency identified potential alternative marketing channels with lower CPMs that aligned with MadderMuch’s sustainable ethos. They explored partnerships with influencers and content creators who resonated with the brand’s vision, allowing them to tap into engaged communities at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, Brego Business implemented data-driven optimizations to fine-tune ad targeting and ad creatives, ensuring that the budget was utilized efficiently.

  1. Creating Captivating Lifestyle Images for Ads

To address the challenge of limited lifestyle images for MadderMuch’s advertising campaigns, Brego Business devised a comprehensive visual content strategy. They understood the importance of evoking a sense of aspiration and connection through imagery, and they were determined to provide MadderMuch with a compelling visual narrative.

Collaborating closely with the design house, Brego Business organized professional photoshoots in picturesque locations, capturing the essence of island life and the Mediterranean vibe that MadderMuch represented. They curated a collection of stunning lifestyle images that showcased the brand’s clothing in real-life scenarios, allowing customers to envision themselves living the MadderMuch lifestyle.

  1. Managing the Impact of High AOV

Brego Business recognized that while MadderMuch’s commitment to premium, sustainable fashion resulted in a high AOV, it also presented challenges in expanding their customer base. To address this, they worked hand-in-hand with MadderMuch’s team to devise a well-balanced business strategy.

Understanding the importance of maintaining brand integrity and premium positioning, Brego Business proposed targeted promotional initiatives that encouraged customer engagement and conversion. They crafted limited-time offers, loyalty programs, and personalized discounts to incentivize purchases without compromising on the brand’s core values. This approach struck a harmonious balance between catering to a diverse audience and preserving the brand’s commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.

The Results

During a critical juncture when MadderMuch faced significant challenges in their sustainable fashion journey, Brego Business, the esteemed digital marketing agency, stepped in as a beacon of expertise and innovation. With unwavering determination and strategic insights, Brego Business swiftly and effectively resolved the overall obstacles that had left MadderMuch in a state of concern and uncertainty.

At the onset, the high CPM on Meta platforms loomed as a formidable barrier, putting a strain on MadderMuch’s marketing budget and hindering their reach to the intended audience. Brego Business swiftly analyzed the situation, recognizing the need for a multifaceted approach. By conducting a thorough examination of the brand’s target audience and competitors, they identified alternative marketing channels that aligned with MadderMuch’s sustainability ethos.

Through collaborations with influencers and content creators who shared the brand’s vision, Brego Business enabled MadderMuch to tap into highly engaged communities at a fraction of the cost. Their data-driven optimizations further fine-tuned ad targeting and creatives, ensuring that every advertising dollar was utilized with utmost efficiency. As a result, MadderMuch witnessed a noticeable reduction in CPM on Meta platforms, augmenting their digital presence and enhancing the impact of their message.

The absence of captivating lifestyle images for ads had also posed a considerable challenge, hindering the brand’s ability to connect emotionally with their audience. Brego Business recognized the potential of evoking aspiration and connection through visual storytelling. Collaborating closely with MadderMuch, they orchestrated professional photoshoots set against picturesque backdrops that captured the essence of island life and the Mediterranean vibe that the brand embodied.

The resultant collection of stunning lifestyle images became the soul of MadderMuch’s marketing campaigns, eliciting a profound emotional response from consumers. As customers envisioned themselves living the MadderMuch lifestyle, the brand’s identity became more vivid, enhancing customer engagement and fostering brand loyalty. Brego Business’s adeptness in crafting a compelling visual narrative breathed new life into MadderMuch’s marketing endeavors, enabling the brand to resonate more deeply with its target audience.

The impact of a high AOV had also been a pressing concern for MadderMuch. Balancing the need for premium positioning with the desire to expand their customer base required a delicate approach. Brego Business meticulously strategized with MadderMuch’s team, devising promotions and offers that incentivized purchases while upholding the brand’s core values of sustainability and craftsmanship.

Through the expert guidance and strategic efforts of Brego Business, MadderMuch experienced a remarkable transformation in their digital marketing performance. Leveraging their innovative SEM strategies, Brego Business succeeded in boosting MadderMuch’s ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) by an impressive 85%. This substantial increase in ROAS not only validated the efficacy of their data-driven optimizations but also reflected the agency’s dedication to maximizing the brand’s advertising investments.

Furthermore, Brego Business’s adept handling of MadderMuch’s digital marketing initiatives resulted in a substantial 80% increase in revenue. By carefully curating captivating lifestyle images for ads and exploring alternative marketing channels, the agency effectively captured the attention of a broader and more engaged audience. This surge in revenue not only bolstered MadderMuch’s financial standing but also reaffirmed the brand’s position as a frontrunner in sustainable and responsible fashion. The collaboration between Brego Business and MadderMuch continues to be a shining example of how strategic digital marketing can drive unprecedented growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of conscious fashion.

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