Established in the year 1990-1991, Mercury Air-Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent player engaged…

Mercury AC

About the Company

Established in the year 1990-1991, Mercury Air-Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent player engaged in the assembly, sales, and servicing of a wide range of air conditioning units, including window and split ACs. With a comprehensive product portfolio that includes cassettes, ductables, chillers, VRV, VRF systems, and various other types of air conditioners, the company has garnered recognition for its expertise and unmatched features.

The firm has earned a strong reputation for providing exceptional services in designing, sales, installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioning equipment. Their clientele spans across corporate organizations, industries, computer rooms, offices, shops, hotels, and other retail premises. The company takes pride in its team of experienced technicians who deliver high-quality service and pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

Under the supervision of professionally experienced engineers, Mercury Air-Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. boasts deep product and system knowledge, enabling them to meet their clients’ specific requirements. The company’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their first-class installation service and comprehensive maintenance system, ensuring long-term performance and reliability of their air conditioning systems. Moreover, they offer live demonstrations of Daikin VRV systems, showcasing the versatility and indoor configuration options available.

The firm has received accolades for their outstanding work, including the prestigious award for Best Quality Installation in the VRV segment from Daikin Air Conditioners India Ltd. The company takes pride in its team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who possess in-depth process expertise. They have invested in advanced machinery and equipment to ensure the flawless and timely delivery of products to their clients.

The company operates from a sophisticated state-of-the-art infrastructure located in the Lalbaug area. The facility houses a design office, sales department, and a fully equipped in-house workshop. With requisite testing equipment, they conduct sales, maintenance, and repair jobs, catering to industry requirements effectively. While Mercury Air-Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. primarily deals with renowned brands, they also offer other branded air conditioners on a case-to-case basis to meet specific customer demands.

The company is led by respected directors, Mr. Bipin Chheda, Mrs. Eva Chheda, and Mr. Rakesh Bhatt, who have successfully garnered the trust of their wide clientele and fostered strong business relationships. Committed to adhering to industrial norms and ethics, the firm works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and provide customized services accordingly. With their years of expertise and experience, they have built a reputation for delivering impeccable service that meets international quality standards, earning praise for their precision and timely execution.

Challenges faced by Mercury AC

Mercury Air-Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. encountered a significant challenge that disrupted their accounting processes and created a state of disarray within their accounts. The primary issue stemmed from placing misplaced trust in external accounting teams, leading to serious complications.

As a company committed to providing top-notch air conditioning solutions and services, Mercury Air-Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. recognized the importance of maintaining accurate and organized financial records. However, relying on external accounting teams proved to be a critical oversight, as it introduced a lack of control and accountability over the company’s financial data.

The consequences of this misplaced trust became evident when discrepancies and errors started to surface within Mercury Air-Conditioners’ accounts. Financial statements were inconsistent, and vital financial information was either missing or misreported. The company found itself in a challenging situation where it became difficult to track expenses, revenues, and other financial indicators accurately.

The disarray in the accounts not only hindered the day-to-day operations but also posed a significant risk to the company’s financial health and reputation. It became clear that immediate action was necessary to rectify the situation and establish a robust accounting system that could provide accurate and reliable financial information.

Our Approach

Mercury Air-Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. sought the expertise and assistance of Brego Business to address the challenges they faced with their accounting processes. The collaboration between Mercury AC and Brego Business proved instrumental in resolving the accounting problem and establishing a more efficient financial system.

Recognizing the need for specialized knowledge and experience in accounting, Mercury AC turned to Brego Business, a renowned financial consulting firm known for their expertise in streamlining accounting processes and providing strategic financial solutions.

Brego Business began by conducting a comprehensive assessment of Mercury AC’s existing accounting practices and systems. They thoroughly examined the company’s financial records, identified areas of weakness, and analyzed the root causes of the accounting challenges.

Based on their findings, Brego Business developed a tailored plan to address the specific issues faced by Mercury AC. They worked closely with the internal accounting team at Mercury AC, providing guidance, training, and support to enhance their skills and capabilities.

One of the key steps taken by Brego Business was to implement a robust internal control system. They assisted Mercury AC in designing and implementing internal controls to safeguard financial transactions, prevent errors and fraud, and ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations. This included establishing clear procedures for recording and verifying financial data, implementing segregation of duties, and conducting regular internal audits.Brego Business also assisted Mercury AC in selecting and implementing advanced accounting software that could streamline their processes and provide real-time visibility into their financial data. They customized the software to meet the specific needs of Mercury AC, ensuring seamless integration with their existing systems and enabling efficient data management and reporting.

In addition to improving the internal accounting processes, Brego Business provided training and guidance on financial analysis and reporting. They equipped the internal accounting team with the necessary skills to analyze financial data, generate accurate reports, and derive meaningful insights for decision-making.

Throughout the collaboration, Brego Business maintained open lines of communication with Mercury AC, fostering a collaborative and transparent working relationship. They addressed any concerns or questions raised by Mercury AC, ensuring that the solutions implemented aligned with the company’s goals and requirements.

The assistance provided by Brego Business proved invaluable to Mercury AC. With their expertise and guidance, Mercury AC was able to overcome the accounting challenges they faced and establish a more organized and efficient financial system. The collaboration resulted in improved accuracy and reliability of financial data, enhanced internal controls, and increased confidence in the company’s financial reporting.

By partnering with Brego Business, Mercury AC gained access to specialized knowledge and experience that helped them address their accounting problems effectively. The collaboration not only resolved the immediate challenges but also empowered Mercury AC with the tools and expertise to maintain a strong financial foundation for future growth and success.

The Result

Brego Business played a crucial role in resolving the accounting challenges faced by Mercury Air-Conditioners Pvt. Ltd. Their expertise and strategic approach proved instrumental in implementing effective solutions and restoring order to the company’s financial processes.

Upon understanding the extent of Mercury AC’s accounting problem, Brego Business swiftly devised a comprehensive plan of action. They commenced by conducting a thorough assessment of the company’s existing accounting practices, meticulously analyzing financial records and identifying areas of concern.

To address the issues caused by misplaced trust in external accounting teams, Brego Business recommended a shift towards an internal accounting system. They emphasized the importance of building a reliable in-house team that could manage and oversee the company’s financial operations with expertise and accountability.

Brego Business worked closely with Mercury AC’s internal accounting team, providing them with the necessary guidance, training, and resources. They imparted their knowledge on best practices in accounting, ensuring that the team possessed the skills and understanding required to navigate the complexities of financial management.

In order to establish a robust internal control system, Brego Business implemented stringent procedures and protocols. They helped Mercury AC design and implement internal controls that would prevent errors, detect fraudulent activities, and ensure compliance with accounting standards. This involved defining clear roles and responsibilities within the accounting team, segregating duties, and implementing regular internal audits to monitor the integrity of financial processes.

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