Meet Pooja Baheti, the Founder & Creative Director of Poppi, a fashion brand that aims to revolutionize the way Indian…


About the Company

Meet Pooja Baheti, the Founder & Creative Director of Poppi, a fashion brand that aims to revolutionize the way Indian women approach western-wear options. Pooja understands the frustration of limited choices and the struggle to find the perfect outfit for every occasion, especially when international brands fail to cater to the needs of Indian women. Determined to change this, she built Poppi with a vision to put India on the global fashion map and provide women with the latest and most fashionable options, with a strong emphasis on size inclusivity.

Starting with just a team of two in a small spare apartment, Pooja’s journey with Poppi has been one of growth and resilience. Today, Poppi boasts a dedicated office space and a talented team of 15 individuals who share her passion for fashion. The brand has earned the love and trust of its customers, despite launching right before the pandemic hit. Pooja’s unwavering determination has propelled Poppi forward, making it stronger than ever and fueling its rapid growth.Pooja’s personal interests go beyond the fashion world. In her off hours, she finds joy in traveling, cooking, indulging in good books, and binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix. Adding to her busy schedule, Pooja is also a new mom, gracefully navigating the beautiful chaos of balancing her personal and professional life.

Poppi, as a brand, is committed to bringing high street trends and styles inspired by fashion-forward cities worldwide to the modern Indian woman. Whether it’s for a holiday, work, brunch, or a lazy Sunday, Poppi understands what women want to wear in the present moment and offers a carefully curated collection to suit every occasion. The brand is known for its unique, classy, and effortlessly chic styles that seamlessly blend femininity and playful elegance.

While staying on top of the latest fashion trends, Poppi also places a strong focus on sustainability and simplicity. Recognizing the importance of being mindful of the planet we inhabit, the brand continuously evolves its supply chains and manufacturing processes. Poppi aims to provide you with the best fashion options while ensuring that you can embrace your style guilt-free.

Pooja Baheti’s entrepreneurial journey with Poppi is a testament to her passion, resilience, and commitment to empowering women with fashionable choices that celebrate diversity and sustainability. With every step, Poppi strives to contribute to the aesthetic fabric of society while embracing a mindful approach to fashion. The brand is poised to continue its evolution and provide women with the confidence to express their unique style, knowing that they are making a positive impact.

Challenges faced by Poppi

Poppi, a prominent online retailer, faced a number of challenges in their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts. Among the foremost obstacles encountered by the company were a shortage of captivating creatives, a website that lacked modernity and required an upgrade, and a pressing need to enhance brand visibility to a substantial degree. These challenges collectively hindered Poppi’s ability to effectively engage with its target audience and maximize its online presence.One of the primary issues Poppi faced was the lack of compelling creatives in their SEM campaigns. The advertisements and promotional materials employed by the company failed to captivate the attention of potential customers. The absence of visually appealing and persuasive content resulted in low click-through rates and limited conversions. This underscored the necessity for Poppi to develop innovative and eye-catching creatives that would effectively communicate the value proposition of their products and entice consumers to engage further.

Furthermore, Poppi recognized that their website was in dire need of an upgrade in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The existing website design fell short of contemporary standards, which hindered the user experience and ultimately contributed to a decrease in conversion rates. To address this challenge, Poppi needed to invest in a comprehensive website overhaul that would improve navigation, optimize page load times, and create an intuitive and visually appealing interface. By enhancing the overall user experience, Poppi could increase customer engagement and ultimately drive higher conversion rates.

Our Approach

Brego Business, a renowned digital marketing agency, successfully resolved the challenges faced by Poppi in their SEM efforts. Drawing upon their expertise and industry knowledge, Brego Business devised an effective strategy to address the lack of creatives, website modernity, and brand visibility concerns. Through a comprehensive approach, the agency was able to revamp Poppi’s SEM campaigns, upgrade their website, and significantly improve brand visibility, thereby revitalizing Poppi’s online presence.

To tackle the issue of lacking creatives, Brego Business conducted an in-depth analysis of Poppi’s target audience and market trends. Armed with this information, they developed a creative concept that aligned with Poppi’s brand identity and resonated with the intended audience. Leveraging their team of skilled designers and copywriters, Brego Business crafted visually captivating advertisements and engaging promotional materials that effectively communicated the unique selling points of Poppi’s products. The agency also implemented a rigorous testing process to measure the performance of these creatives and made data-driven optimizations to maximize their impact.

In order to upgrade the website and enhance its modernity, Brego Business performed a comprehensive audit of Poppi’s existing online platform. They identified areas that required improvement, such as user interface design, navigation, and mobile responsiveness. Utilizing their expertise in web development, Brego Business redesigned the website, incorporating modern design elements, streamlined navigation, and improved functionality. They focused on creating a seamless user experience that would encourage visitors to explore the site further, engage with the content, and ultimately make a purchase. Through meticulous testing and optimization, Brego Business ensured that the upgraded website delivered superior performance across various devices and browsers.

Addressing the challenge of brand visibility, Brego Business implemented a multi-faceted strategy that encompassed various SEM techniques. They conducted thorough keyword research to optimize Poppi’s website for search engines, thereby increasing organic visibility. Additionally, the agency crafted targeted paid search advertising campaigns to drive immediate traffic and conversions. Brego Business also devised a comprehensive social media marketing plan, leveraging popular platforms to engage with the target audience, build brand awareness, and foster customer loyalty. Through a combination of SEO, paid search, and social media marketing, Brego Business significantly improved Poppi’s brand visibility and expanded its reach to a wider pool of potential customers.

Overall, Brego Business’s expertise and comprehensive approach enabled them to successfully resolve the SEM challenges faced by Poppi. By developing captivating creatives, upgrading the website, and implementing a robust brand visibility strategy, the agency revitalized Poppi’s online presence and enhanced its marketing effectiveness. The collaboration between Brego Business and Poppi served as a testament to the power of a well-executed SEM strategy in driving success in the competitive digital landscape.

The Result

In a time of desperation, Brego Business emerged as a guiding light for Poppi, effectively resolving their SEM challenges and allowing the company to refocus on their greater business objectives. With their expertise and unwavering dedication, Brego Business not only addressed the specific issues of lacking creatives, outdated website, and limited brand visibility but also provided Poppi with a renewed sense of confidence and a solid foundation for future growth.When Brego Business stepped in, Poppi was grappling with the lack of captivating creatives that failed to engage their target audience. However, the agency’s strategic approach and deep understanding of consumer behavior allowed them to develop a creative concept that hit the mark. By crafting visually stunning advertisements and persuasive promotional materials, Brego Business successfully captured the attention of potential customers and enticed them to explore further. As a result, Poppi witnessed a significant increase in click-through rates and conversions, propelling the company towards achieving their desired marketing objectives.

Additionally, Brego Business recognized the urgent need for an upgraded website to provide a seamless user experience. The existing website design was dated and hindered user engagement, leading to decreased conversion rates. Leveraging their expertise in web development, Brego Business undertook a meticulous revamp of Poppi’s online platform. The newly designed website featured modern aesthetics, improved navigation, and enhanced functionality. Visitors were now met with an intuitive interface that facilitated effortless browsing and encouraged them to make purchases. The result was a substantial boost in user satisfaction, reflected in increased time spent on the website and a higher likelihood of repeat visits.

One of the most remarkable achievements of Brego Business was their ability to significantly improve Poppi’s brand visibility. Prior to their intervention, Poppi struggled to establish a strong presence in the market despite offering exceptional products. Recognizing the importance of a comprehensive brand visibility strategy, Brego Business deployed a multi-faceted approach. They optimized Poppi’s website for search engines through meticulous keyword research and implementation of SEO techniques. Additionally, the agency crafted targeted paid search advertising campaigns and implemented a robust social media marketing plan. As a result, Poppi’s brand recognition soared, and the company experienced a surge in website traffic, social media engagement, and customer acquisition.

The impact of Brego Business’s intervention extended far beyond the resolution of specific challenges. Their expertise and dedication instilled a renewed sense of confidence in Poppi, empowering the company to refocus on their greater business objectives. With SEM challenges effectively addressed, Poppi was able to allocate resources towards expanding their product range, improving customer service, and exploring new avenues for growth. The collaboration between Brego Business and Poppi not only proved fruitful in terms of immediate results but also laid the groundwork for a successful and sustainable future.

Brego Business’s partnership with Poppi yielded impressive results, driving significant improvements in their marketing performance. The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) soared by a remarkable 80%, indicating a substantial increase in the effectiveness and profitability of Poppi’s advertising campaigns. This substantial growth in ROAS showcases the agency’s ability to optimize ad strategies and maximize the return on investment for Poppi.

Furthermore, Poppi experienced a noteworthy 70% increase in revenue, highlighting the direct impact of Brego Business’s services on the company’s financial success. Through strategic marketing initiatives, Brego Business effectively generated higher sales and revenue for Poppi.These exceptional outcomes exemplify the value of the collaboration between Poppi and Brego Business. The agency’s expertise and tailored approach enabled Poppi to achieve substantial growth and profitability in their marketing efforts. With increased ROAS and revenue, Poppi is poised to expand its market presence, strengthen its brand, and sustain continued success in a competitive landscape.

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