Prescon, a distinguished boutique real estate development company, has established itself as a prominent player in the…


About the Company

Prescon, a distinguished boutique real estate development company, has established itself as a prominent player in the industry, delivering projects across various asset classes and geographies for over four decades. In 2005, the company underwent a rebranding and adopted the name “Prescon” to reflect its long-term vision and commitment to the real estate sector. With a focus on gated communities and mixed-use townships, Prescon has earned a sterling reputation for completing projects on time, earning tremendous goodwill in the micro-markets it operates in.

With a remarkable portfolio of 19 completed projects, Prescon has successfully developed residential, commercial, and township projects spanning a total saleable area of 41.29 lacs sq. ft. These projects have been delivered in prime locations such as Thane, Malad, Borivali, and Goa. By catering to diverse market segments and offering exceptional quality and craftsmanship, Prescon has consistently met the expectations of its discerning customers.

Currently, the company has three ongoing projects under development, encompassing a total area of approximately 1.7 million sq. Ft. These projects are strategically located in high-demand areas in Goa, Mumbai, and Thane. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, Prescon is committed to delivering these projects to the highest standards, ensuring customer satisfaction and upholding its reputation for timely project completion.

Furthermore, Prescon has two exciting upcoming projects in the pipeline, encompassing a combined area of 0.7 million sq. ft. These projects are slated to be developed in sought-after locations in Malad and Goa. Leveraging its expertise and experience, Prescon aims to create exceptional living and commercial spaces that meet the evolving needs of modern lifestyles.

With its unwavering focus on quality, transparency, and customer-centricity, Prescon continues to elevate the real estate landscape. By combining innovative design, sustainable practices, and a commitment to excellence, the company aims to exceed customer expectations and set new benchmarks in the industry.

In conclusion, Prescon, a reputable real estate development company, has consistently delivered outstanding projects across multiple asset classes and geographies. With an extensive track record of on-time project completion and a growing portfolio of completed, ongoing, and upcoming projects, Prescon is poised to continue its legacy of excellence in the real estate sector.

Challenges faced by Prescon

Prescon, a prominent digital marketing agency, encountered several challenges related to lead capture and user experience on their website. This article aims to highlight and rephrase these challenges, offering insights into how they can be effectively addressed.

Lack of a Dedicated Landing Page:

Prescon faced the issue of not having a separate landing page that effectively captured leads without any exit links. This deprived the agency of potential conversions as visitors could easily navigate away from the page.

Inadequate Visibility and Accessibility of Call-to-Action (CTA):

Prescon encountered difficulties due to the CTA not being prominently displayed, hindering users from easily accessing and engaging with it. This compromised the overall effectiveness of their lead generation efforts.

Inefficient Website Form Coding:

Prescon’s website form was not well coded, resulting in functionality issues that impeded the seamless submission of user data. This created frustration for visitors and led to a decrease in lead capture.

Our Approach

Brego Business, a renowned digital marketing agency, played a pivotal role in resolving the challenges faced by Prescon, a boutique real estate development company. By addressing the issues of lead capture and user experience on Prescon’s website, Brego Business effectively improved the company’s online presence and contributed to its business growth.

Creating an Effective Landing Page:
Captivating Exit-Link-Free Landing Page: Brego Business created a visually appealing landing page that captivated visitors and eliminated exit links. This strategic design enabled Prescon to capture leads effectively by showcasing engaging content and emphasizing the company’s unique value proposition.

Enhancing CTA Visibility and Accessibility:
Prominent Placement: Recognizing the importance of a visible CTA, Brego Business strategically positioned it above the fold on the landing page. This placement ensured that visitors immediately noticed the CTA upon arrival, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Attention-Grabbing Design: Leveraging their expertise in web design, Brego Business incorporated contrasting colors and eye-catching design elements to draw users’ attention to the CTA. This visually appealing approach made the CTA more noticeable and enticing to click.

Clear and Concise CTA Text: To eliminate confusion, Brego Business crafted clear and concise CTA text, enabling visitors to understand the desired action easily. This streamlined approach enhanced the overall user experience and encouraged higher conversion rates.

III. Optimizing Website Form Coding:

Streamlined Form Design: Recognizing the importance of a user-friendly form, Brego Business optimized the coding and design of Prescon’s website form. The streamlined layout improved navigation, making it easier for visitors to fill out and submit their data seamlessly.

Thorough Testing and Debugging: Brego Business conducted rigorous testing and debugging to identify and resolve any coding errors or functionality issues in the website form. This meticulous approach ensured a smooth and error-free submission process, enhancing user satisfaction.

The Result

During a challenging phase, Prescon sought the support of Brego Business, a renowned digital marketing agency. The strategic assistance provided by Brego Business proved invaluable in revitalizing Prescon’s online presence and driving remarkable results during this critical period.

Resolving Key Challenges:
Overcoming Lead Capture Obstacles: Brego Business created an exit-link-free landing page that successfully captured leads. By showcasing compelling content and a clear value proposition, the landing page minimizes distractions and maximizes conversions.

Enhancing User Engagement: Through strategic placement, attention-grabbing design, and concise CTA text, Brego Business improved the visibility and accessibility of Prescon’s call-to-action. This optimization significantly enhanced user engagement and encouraged desired actions.

Streamlining Form Functionality: Brego Business meticulously optimized the coding and design of Prescon’s website form, ensuring a seamless user experience. Thorough testing and debugging resolved functionality issues, enabling smooth data submission and improving lead capture efficiency.

Transforming Online Performance:
The positive impact of Brego Business’s support on Prescon’s online performance:

Increased Lead Generation: With the implementation of an effective landing page and optimized CTAs, Prescon experienced a significant boost in lead generation. The captivating landing page and streamlined user experience encouraged more visitors to provide their contact information.

Improved User Experience: Brego Business’s enhancements to the website form and overall user interface resulted in a seamless and user-friendly experience. Visitors could easily navigate the website, fill out forms without frustration, and enjoy a positive interaction with Prescon’s online presence.

Enhanced Conversion Rates: By strategically positioning the CTAs and utilizing attention-grabbing design elements, Brego Business successfully improved conversion rates. The clear and concise CTA text empowered users to take the desired actions, resulting in a higher percentage of successful conversions.

III. Business Growth and Renewed Confidence:

The overall impact of Brego Business’s support on Prescon’s growth and confidence:

Increased Sales and Revenue: The successful implementation of lead capture strategies and enhanced user experience directly contributed to increased sales and revenue for Prescon. The improved online performance attracted more qualified leads and converted them into paying customers.

Strengthened Market Position: Brego Business’s support bolstered Prescon’s market position and reputation. The revitalized online presence showcased Prescon’s commitment to excellence, further enhancing their standing as a trusted and reputable real estate developer.

Renewed Trust and Confidence: Through Brego Business’s expertise and guidance, Prescon regained trust and confidence during a challenging period. The successful resolution of their online challenges demonstrated Prescon’s commitment to providing an exceptional user experience and solidified their relationships with clients and stakeholders.

Brego Business played a vital role in establishing key success metrics (KSMs) for Prescon, focusing on lead generation and average order value. Through their strategic efforts, the number of leads generated for Prescon ranged from 250 to 300, with an impressive average order value of 2.5 crore to 3 crore. The substantial return on investment was evident as Brego Business’s efforts resulted in a remarkable 10 crore generated for the client, with an initial investment of 20 lakh.

By implementing effective lead capture strategies, Brego Business significantly contributed to Prescon’s success. The consistent flow of high-quality leads provided Prescon with a strong pipeline of potential customers, enabling them to enhance sales opportunities and drive business growth. Additionally, the impressive average order value demonstrated the agency’s expertise in attracting qualified leads and closing high-value deals.

The results achieved by Brego Business exemplify their commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for their clients. The 10 crore generated for Prescon is a testament to the agency’s ability to generate a substantial return on investment and drive significant revenue growth. The strategic partnership between Brego Business and Prescon proved highly beneficial, showcasing the agency’s ability to leverage their digital marketing expertise and industry insights to achieve outstanding results for their clients.

The success of the campaign not only resulted in increased revenue but also solidified Prescon’s position in the real estate market. The positive impact on the company’s bottom line and overall growth has further established Prescon as a trusted and reputable brand within the industry.

Brego Business’s efforts in establishing and achieving these impressive KSMs highlight their proficiency in lead generation and revenue growth. Through their effective strategies and meticulous execution, the agency was able to drive significant results for Prescon, ultimately leading to increased profitability and success in the real estate sector.

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