Incorporated in 2011 by Ginza Industries Ltd., SOIE is a prominent brand that offers...


About the Company

Incorporated in 2011 by Ginza Industries Ltd., SOIE is a prominent brand that offers a comprehensive range of premium to basic lingerie, sleepwear, and activewear specially curated for women. With a steadfast commitment to celebrating every woman’s self-confidence and femininity, SOIE empowers them to feel beautiful and confident every day through the transformative power of its exquisite collection.

SOIE’s presence extends to over 1000 multi-brand outlets, establishing a significant market presence. The brand has also adeptly tapped into the digital landscape, boasting a robust e-commerce platform and an influential social media presence, further expanding its reach and connectivity with its loyal customer base.

At the heart of SOIE’s philosophy lies the belief in embracing the magic of possibilities within everyday life. The brand’s name itself embodies this notion as it translates to ‘me’ in French, signifying a profound focus on individuality and self-expression. SOIE leads the charge in fashion consciousness, instilling in its clientele a profound appreciation for their unique selves and fostering a sense of beauty in authenticity for the present generation.

Every product in SOIE’s diverse collection is thoughtfully designed to evoke a special ‘I love me’ feeling, encapsulating the brand’s core identity. The brand’s ethos revolves around celebrating feminine strength, self-confidence, and impeccable style, ensuring that women feel empowered and fashion-forward. With a relentless pursuit of creating well-fitted and stylish pieces at the best prices, SOIE takes pride in providing every woman the opportunity to exude confidence and elegance effortlessly.

Ginza Industries Ltd., with a dedicated team of over 4000+ individuals, plays a pivotal role in SOIE’s operations. The parent company efficiently manages the entire manufacturing process, encompassing the procurement of high-quality raw materials to the meticulous production of each product. Operating from 13 state-of-the-art factories, Ginza Industries expertly tailors and crafts over 10,000+ products, ensuring that every piece meets the brand’s exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Demonstrating a deep commitment to social responsibility, Ginza Industries champions the cause of tribal education by contributing 2 percent of its sales to support this noble endeavor. This endeavor reflects the company’s values and its dedication to creating a positive impact on society while engaging in responsible production practices.

The company’s headquarters, situated in the bustling city of Mumbai, serves as the focal point for its diverse operations and signifies the brand’s strong roots in India’s vibrant fashion industry. From this central hub, SOIE and Ginza Industries consistently pursue excellence, striving to provide women with an unparalleled experience that leaves them feeling fabulous inside and out, every single day. The brand’s devotion to creating fashion-forward, confident, and style-conscious women has positioned SOIE as a leading name in the realm of women’s apparel, catering to the diverse preferences and aspirations of the modern woman.

Challenges faced by SOIE

he company SOIE is currently grappling with a significant obstacle in the form of their social media strategy. Recognizing the limitations of their existing approach, which predominantly involves posting static, product-centric content, the company’s representative highlighted the need for a more progressive and sophisticated strategy. This matter has been underscored as crucial, as the current strategy not only fails to resonate with the brand’s desired narrative but also lacks intrinsic value by primarily focusing on product features.

SOIE’s aspiration to evolve beyond mere product promotion and embrace a role as a thought leader and value provider reflects their commitment to elevating their brand identity. Positioned as a distinctive and budget-friendly luxury activewear and undergarment brand within India, the company aims to transcend conventional norms and offer a collection that amalgamates quirkiness with affordability.

Central to their vision for the future is the comprehensive transformation of their social media presence. It has been recognized that a strategic overhaul is indispensable to rectify the existing disconnect between their brand narrative and the content they disseminate. This overhaul includes a robust emphasis on multimedia content creation, particularly videos, which can serve as a potent medium for conveying the brand’s essence and values. This transition from static content to dynamic and engaging video content demonstrates SOIE’s commitment to adapt to contemporary trends and capture the attention of their target audience.

Undoubtedly, the challenge at hand revolves around aligning SOIE’s social media approach with their broader business objectives. Their foremost objective is to rectify the current discord between their brand identity and the content they circulate, in turn bolstering their identity as a thought leader and a source of value in their industry. Furthermore, the ultimate objective is to bolster sales through this strategic metamorphosis.

Our Approach

Addressing Brand Identity Dissonance

Recognizing the pressing need for a comprehensive overhaul of SOIE’s social media strategy, Brego Business, a trailblazing digital marketing agency, stepped in to transform the brand’s digital narrative. One of the primary challenges was to bridge the existing chasm between SOIE’s desired brand identity and the static, product-centric content that marred their online presence.

Sculpting a Thought Leadership Position

Brego Business embarked on a strategic journey to elevate SOIE from a product-focused entity to a thought leader in the field of affordable luxury activewear and undergarments. They reimagined the brand’s content to reflect insights, trends, and inspirations, positioning SOIE as an authoritative voice in the industry. This shift from mundane product features to valuable, informative content resonated deeply with the target audience.

Embracing the Power of Multimedia

Understanding the visual nature of modern digital engagement, Brego Business orchestrated a transformation from static content to a dynamic blend of multimedia experiences. They curated a series of captivating videos that not only showcased SOIE’s product range but also conveyed its essence, ethos, and uniqueness. These videos infused an element of storytelling, enabling SOIE to forge an emotional connection with viewers.

Harmonizing Quirkiness with Affordability

A standout aspect of SOIE’s identity is the fusion of quirkiness and affordability in their offerings. Brego Business harnessed this unique characteristic by curating content that celebrated individuality and showcased how luxury can be attainable. This alignment resonated profoundly with the audience, positioning SOIE as a relatable yet aspirational brand.

Reaping the Fruits of Transformation

As Brego Business’s comprehensive approach gained traction, SOIE’s social media landscape transformed into a hub of engagement, inspiration, and empowerment. The brand’s metamorphosis from a mere product pusher to a thought leader with a dedicated online community was nothing short of remarkable. Not only did SOIE succeed in aligning its online presence with its brand ethos, but it also witnessed a substantial uptick in sales—an outcome that underscored the efficacy of Brego Business’s strategic intervention.

The Results

In a landscape where digital presence holds the key to brand resonance, SOIE found itself grappling with the challenge of maximizing its social media marketing (SMM) efficacy within the intricate contours of the Indian market. As the brand sought a pathway to amplify its online engagement and optimize its unique offerings, Brego Business emerged as the guiding force, ushering in a comprehensive strategy that breathed new life into SOIE’s digital journey.

The inception of this transformative partnership involved an incisive analysis of SOIE’s existing SMM strategies, skillfully undertaken by Brego Business. A comprehensive assessment illuminated a crucial gap between the brand’s premium-quality products and their portrayal online. Armed with this insight, Brego Business embarked on a journey to realign SOIE’s digital narrative with its true essence, leading to a substantial overhaul of the brand’s content approach.

Recognizing the paramount importance of resonating content in the digital realm, Brego Business orchestrated a strategic restructuring of SOIE’s SMM content. Collaboratively working with the brand, they formulated a content matrix that seamlessly blended visual aesthetics with the brand’s core values. This meticulous approach translated into captivating visuals and compelling narratives that reverberated with the brand’s target audience, amplifying its resonance and fostering an authentic digital connection.

However, the intervention was not confined to content refinement alone. Brego Business saw a unique opportunity for SOIE to adopt the direct-to-consumer (D2C) paradigm. Drawing on their deep understanding of trade, manufacturing, and operations, they proposed a shift that would not only address the pricing dilemma but also establish a direct line of communication between the brand and its consumers. This transition breathed authenticity into SOIE’s online presence, fueling brand loyalty and trust.

A cornerstone of Brego Business’s approach lay in data-driven agility. With a keen eye on key performance indicators, engagement patterns, and ever-evolving market trends, they ensured that SOIE’s digital strategy remained dynamic and adaptable. This iterative process of continuous optimization not only kept the brand at the forefront of digital evolution but also reinforced its responsiveness to the shifting digital landscape.

The synergy between SOIE and Brego Business yielded results that resonated deeply. The brand’s digital footprint witnessed a remarkable surge in viewership and engagement, as its new content strategy struck a chord with the audience. The pivot to a D2C model expanded SOIE’s accessibility and bolstered its credibility, cultivating a loyal customer base that valued the brand’s direct interaction and transparency.

In summation, the transformation achieved through Brego Business’s intervention serves as a resounding testament to the potency of strategic insight and adaptability in the realm of SMM. Their holistic approach, characterized by a diagnostic analysis, content revitalization, D2C adoption, and data-guided agility, orchestrated a remarkable turnaround in SOIE’s digital trajectory. This partnership serves as an illuminating beacon for brands navigating the complexities of digital marketing, demonstrating the potential for growth through innovative strategies and adept execution.

Overall Engagement

Before (Link)

Despite dedicated efforts in content creation, SOIE social media posts lacked expected engagement. Recognizing the necessity, the team aimed to enhance visual allure for heightened attraction and click-through rates among their target audience.

After (Link)

Following a comprehensive analysis of post efficacy, our team pinpointed enhancement opportunities. This journey encompassed delving into current trends, delving into target audience intricacies, and evolving strategies to create captivating content that resonates.


Before (Link)

Despite possessing satisfactory visuals, SOIE social media posts lacked desired engagement, primarily due to an absent effective content strategy aligned with their audience’s preferences.

After (Link)

A remarkable surge in likes and comments on SOIE social media posts was observed, a direct result of the team’s astute recognition of the pivotal role played by top-notch content and a well-crafted strategy.


Before (Link)

SOIE social media posts grappled with a dearth of audience engagement due to an excessive focus on textual content, neglecting the crucial aesthetic dimension. The absence of visually captivating and relatable posts posed a challenge in forging connections with the intended audience and achieving social media page traction.

After (Link)

The impact of well-executed product placement strategies on social media posts’ performance is evident. By skillfully integrating products into visually captivating and relatable scenarios, these posts succeed in seizing the interest of the intended audience, thereby enhancing key engagement metrics.

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