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What kind of companies do you typically work with?

Our customers are startups and growing businesses from all over the world. Our smallest client has about 5 employees, and our largest over 2,000. Brego Business is a great match for any business or business owner looking to get comprehensive help and support for their mission-critical departments such as Digital Marketing, Accounting, Collections and Recruitment.

How many clients do you work with?

Over the last 8 years, we’ve worked with over 1,500 companies. As we are sector-agnostic, and function as a digital marketing agency as well as an accounting services provider, our client-companies come from across sectors; ranging from food, fashion and e-commerce to manufacturing and construction.

How big is your team?

Our team consists of over 100 employees across different departments ranging from accounting services to digital marketing services.

Why do you handle so many activities?
Our goal is to enable entrepreneurship by helping businesses grow. Accordingly, we are structured to handle your backend (accounts and compliance, debtors and payroll activities) so that you don’t have to focus on non-core activities. Further, we provide digital marketing services so that we can help you grow and scale!

We have domain experts for each department i.e., the digital marketing agency, the accounting services business, the recruitment and collections teams, with several years of experience, so that you get the best advice, experience and execution capabilities for the services you are interested in.

What does a digital marketing agency do?
A digital marketing agency caters to your digital marketing needs by outsourcing it so that you as a business owner do not have to look after it in house. A digital marketing agency will assist you with solutions related to your digital services and products to accomplish your goals and help your business grow.
I don’t know if I need a digital marketing agency for my business. Can you guide me?
Definitely. As one of the best digital marketing agency and advertising company in India, our clients typically come to us with a single problem – how to increase their sales. Our digital marketing team advises clients on what specific steps they should take to achieve their goals. This is dependent on the nature of the business, the target audience, the budget and several other nuanced aspects.
How can a digital marketing agency help me grow my business and increase my sale?
A holistic strategy provided by a digital marketing agency can help your business, increase its sales, build trust and credibility, and a loyal customer base! A competent digital marketing agency like Brego Business can help you strategise, and then implement this strategy for maximum results!
Can a digital marketing agency help me with the budget? I don’t know how much I should be spending!

Yes, of course! Since digital marketing is a result-oriented service, and we’re a digital marketing agency, we can first work to understand your business and its requirements, and then help you structure a viable budget to enable results. Once we understand the average ticket size and the monthly sales you are targeting, we can help recommend a monthly budget for your digital marketing activities.

Do I need a website before starting the marketing services?
To max out returns from your digital marketing activities, it’s advisable for you to have a well-structured website in place for your business. So, in the event that you don’t have one, as a digital marketing agency that works for you, we can help you develop one.
How soon will I see the results?
Digital marketing is typically a long-term activity. However, as a digital marketing agency that’s dedicated to your success iit is our priority to ensure that you see results quickly! Our clients typically see results in the first 3 to 4 months. Being regular with your efforts and continuing your marketing activities helps your brand get bigger over a period of time.
What do you, as a digital marketing agency charge your clients?
All our services are customised to meet the needs of your brand. Being a digital marketing agency that immerses ourselves in the substance and ambitions of your business, we work to understand your business, audience and goals before we estimate what you will need to spend. To ascertain your expenditure; sign up below, and our team will schedule a call with you and help you to discuss the same.
How expensive will it be to avail of digital marketing services from a digital marketing agency?
Depending on the budget you have and the results you are looking for, there is no fixed price for this. However, through a digital marketing agency that is capable and trustworthy, you can work to squeeze out the best results within a budget. A digital marketing agency that you can trust will ensure this.
As your digital marketing agency, why do you need me to tell you my Gross Margins?
A digital marketing agency requires information about your gross margins so we can evaluate the ROI and ROAS for the work we will be doing for you, and grow your marketing and business’s presence accordingly.
What are the typical roles within a digital marketing agency?

The size of a digital marketing agency usually defines the roles within it. Here’s a list of some common positions that you might find in a digital marketing agency:

  1. Managing Director/Founder.
  2. Account Manager for the digital marketing agency: as a client you may be assigned an account manager who will touch base with you on your projects and keep you updated.
  3. Graphic Designer for the digital marketing agency.
  4. UI Designer: This is someone who specialises in user friendly website design.
  5. Web Developer for the digital marketing agency.
  6. Copywriter for the digital marketing agency: A copywriter is someone who writes blogs, articles, website content and basically any other words used in marketing.
  7. Social Media Marketer for the digital marketing agency.
How Digital Marketing Helps Understand Your Customers?
Knowing your customers is very important to identify their needs and then provide accordingly. A digital marketing agency can facilitate the same by help you track, analyze, and understand your target audience’s buying interest and patterns.
How can a digital marketing agency improve your brand visibility?
Visibility is a crucial aspect that helps your sales to increase, people purchase what looks attractive to them. You may have a good project plan for your business along with your product being perfectly designed for the consumer but without proper marketing it wont reach the targeted customers. A digital marketing agency can improve your brand visibility by running campaigns that are perfectly suited for your business.
How Digital Marketing Helps Start-ups Build Brand?
A well planned and laid out campaign made by a digital marketing agency can help you increase your brand’s web presence and reach out to many new potential customers, with the brand’s name spreading over the internet more people will know about it, improving the brand awareness and gathering a larger consumer database.
How a Digital Marketing Agency helps Targeted Marketing?
A digital marketing agency will bifurcate your targeted audience into different segmented highly focused groups. Social media, video marketing and referrals also play an important role to drive more web traffic on landing pages. Keywords play a crucial role in targeted marketing. Your digital marketing agency will look after all your online marketing aspects.
Can I have digital marketing services if I am a local business?
It is extremely important for local businesses to build their online presence through digital marketing services. Through local digital marketing services provided by a trusted digital marketing agency, your businesses can remain competitive and end up profiting. You could even consider hiring a special digital marketing agency for your business, but for small to medium-sized businesses to max out their results, it might be advisable to outsource your digital marketing services.
How to find the best SEO agency near to where you are located?
If you want to establish your business’s online presence, then investing in digital marketing agency services will have to be a long term investment. It is therefore essential to choose the right digital marketing agency. While choosing a digital marketing service provider it is essential to consider a mixture of relevancy, expertise and experience.
If the quality of my content is high, will I rank high on Google?
While creating high quality content, it is definitely important for your ranking on Google, it may still not be enough. Search Engines work on keywords, and it is only when these keywords are optimised by your SEO services provider can you have the best chance to rank high on Google or any other search engine for your content and for your website.
Pros and cons of digital marketing

Digital marketing campaigns need to be well thought out, prominent, attracting attention and impacting your target audience, as competition has grown exponentially these days. A monotonous or repetitive approach quickly removes the brand from the competition. Digital marketing campaigns are so competitive that brands need to be relevant and responsive to their customers’ needs.

Digital marketing is purely technology-based and the internet is error-prone. The link may not work, the landing page may not load, or the page button may not work. This will allow prospects to switch to other brands. Therefore, to avoid this, it is also important to test your website, proofread your content, and make sure your campaign is working in your niche.

One of the biggest drawbacks of digital marketing campaigns is their time-consuming nature. Confused tactics and strategies can take a lot of time, often making it difficult to spend the time needed for a campaign. This ultimately leads to negative consequences. Therefore, it was suggested to focus on the strategy that the company needs most and plan and curate the content accordingly.

As a digital marketer, protecting your website is a serious requirement, as security is a key requirement for any brand. We always recommend that you use encryption tools such as firewalls and VPNs to protect your network and network connections. The basic approach of using good antivirus is most desirable. Legal considerations for retrieving customer data for use in digital marketing strategies must be implemented through all necessary procedures. Protecting customer data should be a top priority as it can be at risk in the event of a data breach. What’s important and what shouldn’t be in digital marketing is that market research compromises by finding the right platform, creating the right content, paying attention to the strengths and weaknesses, learning the perfect timing, and driving the brand. Only works if not. Whether traditional or digital, marketing is about reaching people in the right place and at the right time.

Can I avail of SEO services if I am a local business?
It is extremely important for local businesses to build their online presence through SEO services. Through local SEO services, your businesses can remain competitive and end up profiting. You could even consider hiring an SEO specialist for your business, but for small to medium-sized businesses to max out their results, it might be advisable to outsource your SEO services.
What is SEO and how does it work?
SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, SEO services involve the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business in Google, Bing, and other search engines. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.
What can our SEO services do for your business?
For the purpose of SEO, and, as a digital marketing agency that provides SEO services, we need to understand your brand and customer/ audience to gain an idea about who you are looking to target. Then, we have to check if your website is appropriately structured to handle the traffic coming onto it, and how easy it is for people to navigate through the site. After considering the website and target audience, our SEO services experts will use different strategies to help you rank better on Google and drive more organic traffic to your site.
What are the different types of SEO?

There are two main types of SEO services that can be provided by a digital marketing agency i.e. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO services involve those actions that will take place on your business’s website, to help it rank for searches that are relevant to your business and its products/services.This includes content creation, the use of keywords, the proper use of headings, meta descriptions, and URLs.

Off-page SEO services refer to those actions taken outside of your website, to help boost its ranking!

How soon will I see the results?
Results from SEO services usually take 6 to 12 months to start showing results. However, at Brego Business, we first work to understand your business/brand and its audience, to ensure that our SEO services bring you the best results in the shortest period of time. Reach out to us, and we’ll ensure that your business is left in the safest hands as far as SEO services are concerned.
Does my business need SEO services?
Your business should be investing in SEO. SEO services are a way to increase traffic without having to budget and pay for organic reach for your business.
PPC ads come with a charge for every single click that comes to your website through the click on that ad. However, if your website ranks organically on search engines, this traffic is not chargeable, at least in terms of PPC. Please note that expenditure on skills and resources are still required to have a website rank on SERPs.

Through our SEO services, you’ll benefit from a consistent flow of interested traffic to your website that won’t stop when ads are turned off.

Organic searches are responsible for an average of 53% of total site traffic. If you’re not availing of SEO services, your competitors are benefitting instead of you. Businesses should not ignore the importance of SEO services. No matter the form of company, whether you’re a local business, involved in eCommerce, or an international enterprise, you need to be focusing on your SEO strategy, and our SEO services can help!

How can I get keywords that people are searching for which are relevant to business’ services?

Trying your hand at SEO with the appropriate knowledge may not bring you the desired results. You’ll need to develop a fair understanding of what people are going on Google to search for when they require the products or services your business has to offer, to optimise your website for these terms.

There are several software that help with the same, but the process of optimising your website to incorporate the appropriate content at the right places is where our SEO services come in.

Is getting first place possible on Search Engine Results Pages?
Achieving first place on any SERP through our SEO services is possible but dependent on several factors such as your product/service, whether the demand for business’s offerings span across a large number of individuals or businesses, and if your target audience is actually active and searching online.
To aim to achieve first place in SERPs across the world may be a fairly far-fetched goal unless you have the right resources and the best SEO service providers.
What are SEO backlinks?
Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization. Backlinks are links that websites get from other websites. Search engines consider several factors while scanning the data to display results on the search engine results page. The actual weight that the search engine crawler gives to the backlink is unknown, but as SEO service providers, we do know that backlinks play an important role in attracting traffic to your website. The quality of backlinks is key, and as SEO service providers this is what we help you with. Through SEO services, you can create backlinks that are natural, and do not seem like they have been artificially created. Through our SEO services, we will ensure that the websites on which you are providing your links will be related to your own website so it looks natural and valuable.
If my website is new, are SEO services safe for the same?
Every website must have SEO optimisation that wants to be visible to internet users readily, and our SEO services can provide the same. Even websites that are old can be rejigged to gather higher volumes of traffic via SEO services. If your website is newly created, the contents of the same can be optimised as per the crawler via our SEO services. It is safe and easy to optimise a newly created website. With a new website, it is easier to optimise content like on-page and off-page SEO through SEO services.
How to find the best SEO agency near to where you are located?
If you want to establish your business’s online presence, then investing in SEO services will have to be a long term investment. It is therefore essential to choose the right agency. While choosing an SEO service provider it is essential to consider a mixture of relevancy, expertise and experience.
Can I avail of SEO services if I am a local business?
It is extremely important for local businesses to build their online presence through SEO services. Through local SEO services, your businesses can remain competitive and end up profiting. You could even consider hiring an SEO specialist for your business, but for small to medium-sized businesses to max out their results, it might be advisable to outsource your SEO services.
Once I have optimised my website through SEO services, will my website remain on the top of Search Engine Results Pages?
The internet is constantly changing and evolving, and accordingly, your SEO strategy will also need to be evolving with the times. Accordingly, it is advised that you appoint a trusted SEO services provider to keep your business ranking high. You’ll need to keep optimising your website and updating it to fit with the highest ranking keywords through a credible SEO services provider. Additionally, adjusting your website settings to enable greater speed can also make your website rank better for SEO.
In terms of SEO, what are the keywords that my business ranks for?
Without seeking a consultation from a SEO services provider, it can be difficult to know which keywords you rank for. You will need to have a look at the search volumes that are related to your business. In addition to the above, it is essential for you to keep checking the search volumes for relevant keywords to ensure that your SEO services provider’s strategy remains on point.
Do SEO services providers also design websites?
SEO services providers do not usually design websites, as their primary focus will remain on optimising said website to rank for SEO. However, at Brego Business, we provide SEO services, digital ads services, web development, video ads production and the rest, to provide the A to Z in digital marketing.
If the quality of my content is high, will I rank high on Google?
While creating high quality content is definitely important for your ranking on Google, it may still not be enough. Search Engines work on keywords, and it is only when these keywords are optimised by your SEO services provider can you have the best chance to rank high on Google or any other search engine for your content and for your website.
How does SEM work?
We first understand the brand, the target customer, the price range of the product or service, the competitors, and a few other key metrics in place today. Our SEM team then creates a strategy to communicate your brand’s story to potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and other similar channels. This strategy is then deployed to reach your target audience, drive traffic to your website/e-commerce store and help increase sales.
What is SEM?
SEM is Search Engine Marketing; which is a strategy used to increase the visibility of your business website on page result of different search engines. SEM services are usually provided by a digital marketing agency. Brego Business is one such trusted digital marketing agency.
What is the difference between SEM and SEO?
Any digital marketing agency that provides SEO services will look after the SEM needs too because SEM is like a subsidy that falls under SEO, they more or less have the same working and follow a similar set of functions although they have a different semblance towards the form of marketing.

A professional digital marketing agency knows the understanding and different operating manner of both.

SEO advertising activities through a digital marketing agency

  • Acknowledging your market traffic potential
  • Figuring out keyword opportunities for your website
  • Visualizing your website’s internal linking

SEM advertising activities digital marketing agency

  • Targeting paid ad campaigns
  • Having allocated budgets for advertising
  • Installing key performance indicators like (CTR) click-through-rates and (CPC) cost-per-click.
What are SEM clicks?
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) is a unique Internet marketing model. Basically, advertisers pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked. These ads appear in search engine sponsored links whenever someone uses keywords related to your business. A digital marketing agency can find relevant keywords for your site and help you rank at the top of a search engine.
What do Google Ads do?
Google Ads is a method you can use, through a digital marketing agency, to advertise your business, help sell products or services, create awareness, and drive traffic to your website. Google Ads accounts are managed online, so you can create and edit your ad campaigns at any time, including your ad text, settings, and budget.
What is your plan for managing my brands marketing campaigns?
Every new client a digital marketing agency partners with are at different stages of growth. A digital marketing agency assesses historical performance across all of your active and inactive ad channels, gaps in your current efforts, and identify areas for improvement. Once this audit is complete, a digital marketing agency proposes a cohesive strategy designed to deliver results as quickly as possible.
How much should I expect to invest in a digital marketing agency?
Once your account has been reviewed, which takes 23 business days, your digital marketing agency will recommend a monthly budget based on your current website traffic, poor performance opportunities, and the test budget you need to drive new user acquisition. A Digital marketing agency will strongly recommend that you have a minimum monthly budget of 200000 to 300000 for every quarter.
How will I know if your proposed strategy is working?
A Digital marketing agency will train you and your team on points to keep in mind when evaluating your campaign data, yourself. It also provides each client with a real-time dashboard with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for all active advertising channels. You can also select a specific date range to compare with other dates or date ranges in the past with the help of a digital marketing agency.
What kind of business does a Digital Marketing Service provides?
There are services like Experience in brand awareness and e-commerce that are provided by a Digital marketing agency that has worked with multinational companies, well-funded start-ups, local physical stores, and everything in between.
Does a digital marketing agency offer SEO, email marketing, or a graphic design as a service?
A digital marketing agency understands SEO. But SEO should not be confused with SEM as a core service. If you’re new to the difference between the two, SEO is about building content and links and ranking your business by the organic results of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). SEM or search engine marketing is the practice of marketing your business with paid advertising and is based on a pay-per-click model.

Email marketing? The simple answer is no. However, as a digital marketing agency that has worked extensively with our clients to align our paid acquisition campaigns with email marketing funnels built on email marketing service providers.

Graphic design? Depending on your commitment, this may be included in your monthly service. In most cases, the clients we work with as a digital marketing agency are already working with a graphic design team. If this happens, we as a digital marketing agency will work closely with this team to ensure that we have everything we require, as a digital marketing agency to carry out our proposed strategy.

How do paid ads work?
Paid digital advertising is a marketing method in which companies pay a digital marketing agency every time someone clicks or sees an ad. In search results, on websites, on social media, or across diverse digital platforms.
What does paid advertising include?
Paid advertising is an online advertising model in which advertisers bid to participate in real-time auctions to serve their ads over time periods on a specific platform or network. This is a very common practise to hire a digital marketing agency to boost your brand’s image by having a lot of paid ads on the internet. Many businesses don’t really get enough time to focus on the actions to make their suitable bids for such things, and so they tend to rely on a trusted party digital marketing agency that will make bids in the auction on the company’s behalf and get good results while you can sit back unworried and focus on your business.
How much should you spend on paid ads?
There is a general rule which states that you should be spending 5% of your total revenue on paid aids on an average per year. Setting a proper budget and having a digital marketing agency on board is necessary to get good results from your marketing campaign.
Why are paid ads effective?
Paid ads usually promise to make a better presence of your brand in the market which in return will help you gather a large database of potential audience who will be interested in your business. Having a digital marketing agency on your side along with this is also beneficial as at the same time they basically target primary customers who are in current need of the product but also reach out to a few secondary customers who might be in need of your product in the near future.
What are the different types of google ads?
There are three basic types of Google Ads:

Search Network Campaigns – Usually in text format, when someone searches for a product or service that is similar to your product or service, these ads may appear on Google’s search results page.

Display Network Campaigns – Usually in image format, these ads appear on websites or apps that your customers visit.

Video Campaigns – Usually 6 or 15 seconds of video, these ads will appear immediately before or during YouTube content

A digital marketing agency can help you explore all these options to provide your business with the best results.

What is CPC or PPC Advertising?
CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Other advertising models are: Cost per impression. Pay based on the number of times your ad is shown (not clicked). Cost per engagement. Pay when a user completes a predefined engagement (eg watching a video ad). The concept and working of Cost Per Click and Pay Per click is very tedious and time consuming while you have a business to look after, therefore many business owners hire a digital marketing agency to implement these and create a marketing campaign for them.
How much a does google ads costs?
The cost of Google Ads depends on your budget. With Google Ads, you have complete control over your budget. You will only be charged when the user interacts with your ad. For example, click to access a website or call your business. The cost of a click or call can vary due to several factors.
How do I start advertising on Google?
To get started with Google Ads there is a guided setup process that will guide you through creating and launching your first listing. If you need help signing up there are Google Ads experts available to set up your new account and can even help you create your first campaign at no extra cost. Although these things can be handled by your digital marketing agency which provided plenty other services too.
What are Smart campaigns?
Smart Campaigns is an advertising solution designed by digital marketing agency to help small businesses promote their products and services online. Smart campaigns provided by a digital marketing agency will allow you to advertise your business and choose your business goals and where you want to advertise. Then the digital marketing agency uses machine learning to deliver results tailored to those goals. These digital marketing agency(‘s) campaigns use smart technology to continuously monitor and improve your ad performance, so you can spend more time on other business tasks but to complete focus on other important aspects of your business it is recommended for you to hire a digital marketing agency.
What is LinkedIn marketing?
LinkedIn marketing is the process of promoting an individual or a company on LinkedIn in order to get people to notice their profile. Businesses can utilise the platform to create their own company pages and subpages (for example, for specialised products) and use them for:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Share content to drive traffic to a business website or blog
  • Make new business connections or nurture existing business relationships

These tactics can be utilised to increase awareness of the company and, ideally, to generate leads through linkedin Marketing . The first step in taking advantage of these opportunities is to create a LinkedIn business profile.

LinkedIn also has extra features such as LinkedIn Boosting, Ads for LinkedIn marketing, and Showcase Pages that you can use.

How is LinkedIn marketing used to grow your business?

Here’s how to use LinkedIn marketing

  1. Create a company profile
  2. Post actionable content
  3. Use the Matched Audiences feature
  4. Search for individuals
  5. Leverage groups
  6. Start your own group
  7. Use InMail
  8. Follow the LinkedIn Marketing Blog
  9. Use the paid LinkedIn Sales Solutions
How to use LinkedIn Marketing for B2B marketing

The following are the steps you can use in your B2B marketing strategy by employ Linkedin marketing. Beef up your business LinkedIn profile

  1. Create an informative company page
  2. Optimize your page performance
  3. Identify your audience
  4. Create valuable content
  5. Create videos
  6. Take advantage of LinkedIn community features
  7. Set up a posting schedule
  8. Try LinkedIn Ads
  9. Testing
How effective is LinkedIn marketing?
The fact that 93 percent of B2B marketers believe LinkedIn Marketing is the best location to win leads is the biggest winner here. LinkedIn accounts for 64% of all corporate website views. That’s a magnet for generating leads. Despite these great numbers, LinkedIn Marketing has largely gone unnoticed when it comes to generating B2B prospects.
Is LinkedIn free for businesses?

Individuals and businesses can use LinkedIn for free to create accounts and interact with others.

Individuals (including individual business owners) can use LinkedIn marketing to connect and strengthen professional relationships, learn the skills to succeed in their careers, and develop thought leadership.

Individuals (even small business owners) can utilise LinkedIn marketing to build professional relationships, gain new skills, and create thought leadership.

Companies can also build free company pages to distribute content and interact with other businesses and individuals.

You can use company pages to advertise job openings, link to company news and blog entries, construct “showcase pages” that emphasise specific divisions or service offers, and so on.

When visitors click on your company name or logo on LinkedIn, LinkedIn will send them to your company page. Additionally, your company will be searchable on LinkedIn, as well as Google and other search engines.

Additionally, when employees complete their individual LinkedIn accounts, they can link back to your corporate page, which helps generate traffic to your page.

Free LinkedIn accounts, on the other hand, have limited search capabilities and do not allow you to message people with whom you are not linked.

You may access more features and goods with LinkedIn’s premium subscription service, including more detailed searches, messaging credits, and the opportunity to see who has seen your profile.

Depending on your goals, you can choose from four premium options:

  • Career: Learn more about the LinkedIn Learning membership.
  • Business: Get more information on LinkedIn ads and marketing options.
  • Sales: Learn about the many sorts of Sales Navigator accounts.
  • Hiring: Find out more about business hiring services.
What Makes LinkedIn Marketing Different From The Rest Of Social Marketing?
The most important distinction is that LinkedIn is not focused on entertainment.

This makes LinkedIn marketing much more targeted, and many marketers struggle to adjust.

Does LinkedIn Marketing generate Higher Quality Leads Than Other Platforms ?
Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit greatly from using social media to generate leads. But how effective are the various social media platforms at generating leads? HubSpot discovered that traffic from LinkedIn Marketing generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 2.74 percent, over three times higher (277 percent) than both Twitter (.69 percent) and Facebook (.69 percent) in a recent survey of over 5,000 organisations (.77 percent ).As you can see by the statistics linkedin marketing is far more efficient then other marketing platform

Yes, you will obtain higher-quality leads through LinkedIn marketing if you sell a product or service that is intended for business and professional progress, especially if you try to nurture them.

If you sell consumer items or entertainment, on the other hand, you’ll get greater leads elsewhere!

Can You Still Get Results From LinkedIn Marketing If You Run A Business-To-Consumer Company?
Yes! In fact, if you run a B2C business, LinkedIn marketing can help you gain name recognition, brand awareness, and thought leadership, among other things.

And you can do all of this on LinkedIn by doing simple things like casting company culture and curating content while driving sales through other channels.

How do you maximize engagement on linkedin through linkedin marketing ?
Only by keeping your target audience engaged with your updates can a LinkedIn marketing approach be successful. If you publish updates in the form of photographs and videos, you may simply persuade an audience to pay attention to your company. According to LinkedIn Marketing research, videos are five times more likely to spark a conversation, while photographs might result in a two-fold increase in comment rate.

LinkedIn emphasises native videos over links from other sites. However, instead of sending YouTube links, you can use this service by directly submitting videos to the platform. It is recommended that you keep your LinkedIn videos short, between one and two minutes long, with suitable subtitles. .. It’s also a good idea to make the videos genuine and to clearly communicate your brand’s vision in an understandable language.This is how you can maximize your engagement via linkedin marketing.

How do I measure the success of my LinkedIn Marketing campaign?
Understanding the metrics used to measure the performance of your LinkedIn marketing campaign is crucial. There are many metrics available while executing a campaign, and they all correspond with the goal specified at the start. Views and interest in the material, as evidenced by ad clicks, are the indicators we focus on when raising awareness. We’ll stick to one goal and track our progress using one of the following LinkedIn metrics: Consumers’ familiarity with the distinguishing attributes of your brand or services is measured by brand awareness. The number of times people saw your ad is measured in impressions, which can be a good indicator of its performance in raising awareness. A different strategy should be employed while building consideration. This is how you can measure the success of your linkedin marketing Campaign.
LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices
LinkedIn Marketing allows you to increase website traffic, uncover high-quality leads, offer your expertise through thought-leadership material, and expand your network. It’s also a terrific approach to advertise job openings and recruit new employees. These are just a few of the reasons why LinkedIn is an excellent marketing platform for all organisations.

1. Use hashtags
Hashtags are frequently used to emphasise a LinkedIn post, but they also have a purpose that might improve your marketing approach. These short sentences, which are preceded by the hashtag symbol, are gold mines for reaching new audiences, industries, and niches. However, utilising too many or the improper ones can limit your reach. By conducting hashtag research on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to strike a balance between relevant and popular hashtags. First, use the search bar to look for a broad hashtag. If you work in growth marketing, for example, start by searching #growthmarketing to discover how many people are following it and how frequently it is used.

2. Create posts of varying lengths
On LinkedIn, quick, bold posts are effective. Long-form tales hold users’ attention and encourage them to spend more time on the app. Both of these sorts of pieces belong in your LinkedIn content strategy. Because your network may not always have time to read monologues, you don’t want to be regarded as the person who just shares monologues. Similarly, too many brief posts may appear to be lacking in depth, making you appear less authoritative as a thought leader. Varying the length of your posts (along with the addition of photographs and videos) can help keep your material fresh and relevant to your audience. You’ll have stuff that makes folks eager to see what treasures you’ll reveal next.

3. Keep your publishing schedule consistent
LinkedIn is a platform that doesn’t require a “round-the-clock publication schedule,” as it is known for having one of the longest content lifespans. It does, however, require one that is constant.
Whether you write every day, every other day, or once a week, your audience will grow to expect new content from you, which will develop trust. Choose a timetable that works for your company and follow it for a month. Determine which days and hours generate the most engagement and incorporate them into your publication plan.
We’ll go over some of the best methods to use LinkedIn in the section below. These suggestions can be adapted to your specific needs, whether you have a personal LinkedIn page, a company page, or both, and regardless of your industry or level of experience.

Why we provide accounting services?

  • Business owners have multiple challenges with their business – managing their accounts team is one of them.
  • The options available for an entrepreneur are CA firms or in-house team, both of which have their own challenges.
  • Biz owner ends up spending alot of time and effort managing the team,which can be saved by availing our accounting services.
  • As accounts is non -core, this is a waste of time for him/her, resulting in less focus on the most critical activity ie growing the biz.
  • Hence we started SavPalm to help them manage this process by providing accounting services so they can focus on growing the biz.
How are we better than CA firms at providing accounting services?
The general issues you will face with your CA are:

  1. Their accounting services have a very traditional approach and are not customer centric.
  2. They are more focused on tax filings and audit hence not really focused on maintaining your books and data entry.
  3. They don’t share reports with you on a timely basis.
  4. They have article clerks do the work – they keep changing every few quarters and hence there is no stability.
  5. Generally during audit season also your own accounts can get ignored.

This invariably leads to you spending time on your accounts instead of growing your business, which can be avoided by availing our accounting services.

How are we better than In house teams at providing accounting services?

The general issues you will face with your inhouse teams are:

  1. No trained manpower in the market also no expertise in hiring the right accountant.
  2. Managing and retaining the accountant.
  3. Accuracy Issues in the books of accounts.
  4. Coordination with your CA to share the tax calculations which can invariably lead to penalties.
  5. You are dependent on a company for all your accounting services not on a person.

This invariably leads to you spending time on your accounts instead of growing your business, which can be avoided by availing our accounting services.

How are we better than our direct competitors at providing accounting services?

Our accounting services are better through our:

People – Training, Development and General Expertise.

Processes of our accounting services: RC, QC, Fortnightly Reports, Operations Team, Onboarding team and checklist, Incident Tracker

Technology: WA, Basecamp, Google Drive.

Apart from the same:

  1. our accounting services close the books of accounts on a monthly basis.
  2. We handle GST 2A Reco and TDS reco every month and quarter respectively.
  3. We share MIS reports for actionable insights on a monthly basis.
Benefits of FMS, which is offered in our accounting services?
  1. A business owner does not need to worry about hiring, training and retaining his accounts team.
    We handle the accounts end to end using our processes and checklists.
  2. Brego Business’s accounting services are responsible for all data entered as well as the taxes filed.
  3. All reports are shared at the end of the month.
Benefits of RR, which are offered in our accounting services?
  1. The promoter does not need to worry about reviewing the books and worrying about tax penalties.
  2. All tax filings are handled by the manager.
  3. MIS reports are shared by the manager.
Benefits of Staffing?
  1. The business owner does not need to focus on constantly hiring the executive.
  2. our accounting services provide trained manpower to the client and constantly focus on developing them.
  3. Incase the executive/manager that is staffed leaves the company we replace them and make sure handover is given between the 2 resources.
  4. The client does not have to worry about retaining the employee since that is our focus/responsibility.
What is Themis and how are you associated?
Themis was a company formed by Nibhrant about 7 years back. Mihir our co founder used to work there and head sales. Post seeing that there was a major gap in the market – Mihir and Rehan decided to start Brego Business and collaborate with Themis to work with clients. Today all Themis clients and employees have merged into SavPalm.
How are you different from Themis?
Themis used to work as a middleman with a POD model where they would generally outsource the accounting services to other CAs. This was cost effective for the customers but quality took a beating. Hence, in Brego Business we hire our own in house accountants to provide accounting services to the clients with more quality checks over the time period.
I use a CA Firm & pay 30k annually. Why should I use Savage Palmer’s accounting services?

The general issues you will face with your CA are:

  1. they have a very traditional approach and are not customer centric.
  2. They are more focused on tax filings and audit hence not really focused on maintaining your books.
  3. They don’t share reports with you on a timely basis.

This invariably leads to you spending time on your accounts instead of growing your business, which can be avoided by availing our accounting services. This is exactly when we come into the picture, generally about 50% of our clients are startups and we help them handle their books right from the very base and once that is strong (just like a building) we will then build on it and grow the team with you as you grow.

I have an Inhouse team. Why should I use Savage Palmer’s accounting services?

The general issues you will face with your inhouse teams are:

  1. No trained manpower in the market.
  2. Managing and retaining the accountant.
  3. Accuracy Issues in the books of accounts.
  4. Coordination with your CA to share the tax calculations which can invariably lead to penalties.

This invariably leads to you spending time on your accounts instead of growing your business, which can be avoided by availing our accounting services.

We have a CA + In house team. Why should I use Savage Palmer’s accounting services?
XYZ that is the general market trend – all companies have a CA firm and an inhouse team. However, you can face a lot of issues like miscommunication between the two, managing your team and reviewing the work as well as dealing with your CA who isn’t really customer centric. Our accounting services on the other hand handle everything end to end all the way from your data entry, tax filings and MIS reports so that you can focus on growing your business.
I have already outsourced my accounts to another firm and have a contract with them for x months. Why should I switch to Savage Palmer’s accounting services?
Sure thats understandable – what is your general notice period with them? Would it be 1-2 months? Since generally you would have a notice period – what we could do is sign you on and then get the team ready during the notice period – your billing will only start once we kick off operations. Post that we can take handover and ask your current team to move out. When we start our accounting services for you, we come in with our on boarding team. The main purpose of the on boarding team is to ensure that systems and processes are set for complete data flow between the executive as well as the management team who will be handling all your tax compliances as well as MIS reports. This could be via the cloud or via regular emails.
What are MIS reports? Can you explain MIS reports a little more in detail?

Management Information System Reports:

  1. MIS Reports are a summary of your financials.
  2. They are are Graphical Representation of your sales, expenses, receivables and payable.
  3. For eg. It is like a Dashboard of the Car which indicates how much petrol is there in the car, How far can it go, what average is it giving. This is something what gives you analysis about what can be improved and increase your profits in the upcoming months.
What is a bi annual compliance check?
The bi annual quality check is an audit that happens once every six months, this ensures that we can raise and solve any queries that can have financial implications in the future. This also ensures that during the actual annual audit these queries are not raised and it is a smoother process.
Why should we get someone else to review our books when our in-house team is already following the process?
XYZ, while I do understand the same – generally we have seen with our 250 clients, even though you have set processes you can face issues with gaps in the way the books are being maintained and you might not have a person to review the same hence you will have to put in your time to resolve the same. Our accounting services then come in with a review layer where we have a part time manager review the books – red flag any gaps in the books and share it with your team to correct + they will also file tour taxes and give you MIS.
What are your charges for your accounting services?
Generally our accounting services charges are based on the number of transactions (that is linked to the amount of time spent by the accountants) and the complexity of accounts and we would love to meet you to understand the same. However, just to give you a general ballpark – we charge our lowest client 5k per month and our highest anywhere at 1 lac a month.