Maximize your SEO strategy with Google Trends

27 Jun 2022 | Sales & Marketing

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Google Trends For SEO

Amazon Ads: Everything You Need To KnowAre you looking for different ways to kick start SEO? There are several tools available in the market that can help you in doing so, Google Trends is one of them. Mind if I say, it is the finest in the market.

In this post, you can find out different ways in which you can use Google Trends For SEO. These are quick and efficient ways that will surely increase the quality of your content and make your efforts fruitful.

Google Trends: Changing The World of SEO

Wondering what Google Trends is? Here is a detailed answer: Google Trends is a data analytic tool that offers insights into most trending searches on Google. It provides valuable data in the form of interactive graphics and charts that can be leveraged for ranking on Google and YouTube. The benefits of Google Trends are manifold, but wait, did you know that Google Trends is a free tool?

Google Trends was initially introduced in 2006. It is a really powerful tool, and if used properly it can help you discover new trends for SEO. In May 2018 the latest version of Google Trends was launched. 

Here, in this article, we have allineated seven ways where you can use Google Trends for  SEO. Let’s get started then!

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Google Trends for SEO: How To Allineate Its Advantages 

Let’s dive straight onto the list of uses of Google Trends for SEO. Here are the ten best ways that might help you

1. Find Related Keyword With Google Trends

This might just become your favorite one. Now, you might think that Keyword planner is a better option, sure, it’s good in its functionalities, but what makes Google Trends better is that it bubbles up with new and trending keywords. Let’s check out the steps where Google Trends SEO skills come handy: 

  • Run a keyword search like you usually do.
  • Scroll down and navigate to the “Related queries” table

You can now see a list of keywords related to whatever you just typed in. Let me remind you these are the latest and trending keywords, not the old ones.

2. Google Trends Lets You Tap into LSI Keywords

Let’s have a look at the SEO aspect that is often ignored – LSI Keywords. First things first, LSI stands for latent semantic index(ing). Now let’s move on to how the Google Trends SEO feature can be of help. You now know where to find related queries, after that select related topics. A list will be displayed, this is the list of LSI keywords related to whatever you typed. 

LSI Keywords can further help you increase the ranking of your post.

3. Always Remember The Context

Google Trends operates in a highly subjective manner. Usually, it will show you the keywords that are currently trending. But what if you want to compare it with last month’s or last year’s trends? Well, Google Trends has a solution for you. 

All you have to do is go to the default setting and select the time frame you wish to search for. There are a few other ways in which you Google Trends SEO, to maintain the desired context: 

  • Using the +Compare tool to add new keywords.
  • Filter by country or category.
  • Web searches.

4. Use The Predictions Of Google Trends To Your Benefit

You may use Google Trends to uncover interesting subjects that are currently trending…. and write articles/ blogs about them before anyone else. Do you know the problem that comes with searching the ongoing keyword trends? It is that everyone, Every. Single. Person. has the same data. 

Here comes Google Trends to save you! If you want additional tips, you can use the available data to predict trends! Here are the ways which you can follow to achieve the desired result: 

  • Identify trends with filtering by specific categories or countries. 
  • In a single trend, you can compare two keys.

5. Position Your Brand With Cycling Trends Of Google Trends

Let’s assume you are searching for a trendy word, “wedding”. By just typing in this word you can see the changing trends over the last 2 years or more if you want to compare even further. 

This feature of Google Trends SEO can help you compare trends and find out which keyword trend rebounded! All you need is to put in the effort and search the extra mile to make your content unique and trendy.

6. Google Trends Offers Search Intent – Use It To Segregate Keywords

Now that you have reached here you already know how to use Google Trends for SEO. But did you know that you can further use it to refine your keyword search? Must be wondering how right?

You can segment the search list using “search type”. This is obviously an incredible way to find out the trends of various popular intents. 

When searchers are intensely focused on a single type of intent, Search Types provide insight into them. The data can be refined by:

  • Web Search
  • Image Search
  • News Search
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube Search

7. Go Big And Whittle Down

Do you wish to make a big start? Start by typing a keyword that you think is trendy. From here you can scroll down to use the following ways: 

  • Google Trends allows you to target geographically.
  • You can select your desired time zone to compare between ongoing and rebounding trends.

Here’s a quick tip – To gain a sense of long-term vs. short-term trends, use numerous time periods. Using these Google Trends SEO features can definitely help you accomplish your ranking goals. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is Google Trends for SEO, and how does it work?

Google Trends for SEO is a tool that helps businesses and website owners identify the most popular search terms and topics within a specific time frame. It works by analyzing Google search data and presenting it in a visual format that allows users to see how search volumes change over time.

How can Brego Business help me identify trending SEO keywords for my business?

Brego Business can perform in-depth keyword research using a combination of Google Trends and other SEO tools to identify the most relevant and popular keywords for your business. By analyzing search trends and user behavior, we can help you optimize your website content to rank higher in search engine results pages.

What is the importance of Google Trends in digital marketing?

Google Trends is a valuable tool in digital marketing because it can help businesses identify emerging trends and opportunities in their industry. By tracking search volumes and user behavior, businesses can optimize their content and marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition and reach more customers.

How can Brego Business use Google Trends to improve my website's SEO?

Brego Business can use Google Trends to identify relevant and popular keywords for your website, track changes in search volume over time, and optimize your content accordingly. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and search patterns, we can help you improve your website's search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site.

What are some of the best Google Trends tools for SEO?

There are several great Google Trends tools available for SEO, including Google Trends itself, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. These tools can help businesses identify the most relevant and popular keywords for their industry and optimize their content accordingly.

How can Brego Business help me stay ahead of the competition with my SEO strategy?

Brego Business can perform regular SEO audits and keyword research to identify emerging trends and opportunities in your industry. By staying ahead of the competition and optimizing your content accordingly, we can help you improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site.

What is the difference between long-tail and short-tail keywords in SEO?

Short-tail keywords are typically shorter and more general search terms, such as "shoes" or "coffee." Long-tail keywords are more specific and longer phrases, such as "women's running shoes" or "organic fair-trade coffee." Brego Business can help you identify the best mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords for your business to optimize your content for both search engines and users.

How long does it typically take to see results from SEO services?

SEO results can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as your industry, the competitiveness of your keywords, and the quality of your content. While some businesses may see results within a few weeks, others may take several months to start seeing significant improvements in their search engine rankings. Brego Business can provide regular updates and reporting to help you track your progress and make data-driven decisions.

What are some of the most important on-page SEO factors to consider?

Some of the most important on-page SEO factors include optimizing your page titles and meta descriptions, using relevant and targeted keywords throughout your content, optimizing your images and videos, and improving your website's loading speed and mobile responsiveness.

How can Brego Business help me improve my website's off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO factors include backlinks, social media engagement, and online reviews. Brego Business can help you improve your off-page SEO by building high-quality backlinks from reputable sources, improving your social media presence and engagement, and managing your online reputation to ensure positive reviews and ratings.

If you want to stay ahead in the competitive world of SEO, you need to keep an eye on the latest trends and developments. That's where Google Trends comes in. This free tool allows you to analyze search trends and identify trending SEO keywords that can boost your website's visibility. Here's how to use Google Trends for SEO:

  1. Identify Trending Keywords: Use Google Trends to identify the latest trending SEO keywords in your industry. This can help you optimize your content and rank higher in search engine results.
  2. Content Creation: Use Google Trends to create content around trending topics in your industry. This can help you generate more traffic and engagement on your website.
  3. Campaign Planning: Use Google Trends to plan your digital marketing campaigns. This can help you identify the best time to launch your campaigns and target the right audience.

At Brego Business Digital Marketing, we help our clients leverage the power of Google Trends to improve their SEO efforts. Our team of experts uses this tool to identify trending SEO keywords and create effective strategies to boost our clients' online visibility. If you want to take your SEO game to the next level, contact us today to learn how we can help you with our Google Trends tools for SEO.

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