Instagram Reels are the future of social media marketing

27 Jun 2022 | Business & Strategy

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Instagram Hacks reels

Instagram has more than 1 billion users worldwide at the moment and growing. Instagram reels is a short video creating tool that is similar to Tiktok and YouTube shorts. Creating Instagram Reels for your business can get you more followers and build a massive brand engagement. In fact, it should be an essential part of your social media strategy. So, how to get more views on reels?  Let’s have a look at some of the pointers below that will help get you more views and engagement for reels. 

Create Original Content Within Your Niche 

With so many options available for media consumption, consumers look for novelty. Instagram prioritizes those videos that are original and not recycled from third-party apps like Tiktok or others. Your content should not look uninspired. Find your niche and research what demographic your target audience belongs to. Even if you have to restrict yourself to the domain you are in, and there is only so much information you can give, try to present it with your own unique twist. People love originality. Your content will be appreciated and you will get more likes on reels. 

Great Presentation

Brainstorm before you create reels. Keep your target audience in mind, what would be the right pitch for them, why would they like to watch your videos? When you answer these basic questions, then you can create an accurate and great presentation that will increase Instagram reels views free for your account. 

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Instead of Short, Go for 30/60 Seconds Videos 

Initially, the length of Instagram Reels was only 15 seconds but has been increased to 60 seconds now. This increased length allows you to share more information in an entertaining manner. Use this reels views hack fully to show engaging videos to your followers. 

Timer Settings

Shoddy and sloppily made reels do not gain much traction. But if you are short-staffed and making your own reels, you may be struggling to get the timing right. It leads to creating reels that lack finesse and may have an adverse effect on the views. Here is an Instagram reels views hack to help you with this situation. Before creating a new reel, tap the timer button. Then press the tiny button that is located next to the countdown to choose between 3 and 10 seconds. Then press the ”Set Timer” option. You get a whole lot of time to prepare yourself now before the reels start. 

Align the Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has a built-in video alignment tool to help you align your video clips easily. Press the video alignment button after creating the reels and it gets automatically aligned. 

Adjust the Speed of Your Videos

Sometimes we may want to slow down or speed up our videos for a desired dramatic effect. With the help of an effective and entertaining video,  you can get more likes on reels. Use this trick to change the speed of your videos. Press the speed button and select the following options. Selecting .3x and .5x will slow down your clips while selecting 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x will speed up the clips accordingly. You can use this option before creating the clip or use it even after video creation. 

Select the Music for Your Reels

How to get more views on reels? Use music with your reels. Press the music button and search for the songs you would like to use. Once you have decided on the track, use the slider to choose the part you want in the video.  

Check Out the Effects & AR Filters

How to get more views on reels 2021? The answer is, keep up with Instagram. Instagram keeps adding new effects and filters to its arsenal. These look cool and make your reels more attractive. Press the effects button and use them for your next reels. 

Place Creation Tools at the Preferred Side

This is more of an ease of use hack. Some of us are right-handers and some are left-handers. Likewise, some prefer to keep tools and apps on one side and some on the other side. Press the settings button at the top left corner of the screen to choose the right or left-hand option. By default, the creation tools are on the left, but you can choose any side you want. This makes it easy for you to create reels. 

Include Closed Captions

To increase your chances of getting 100k views on Reels, incorporating closed captions is a great Reels views hack. By including closed captions, you can reach a wider audience base, including those who watch videos without sound, those who don’t understand the language you’re communicating in, and those with hearing issues. As a matter of fact, a study revealed that 85% of Facebook and Instagram users watch videos with the sound turned off. However, since automatic captions are not available on Instagram and manually typing takes time, using apps like Clipomatic, Video Captions Mix, and MixCaptions can be an effective Reels views hack. These apps will generate the captions automatically for your Reels, allowing you to access a broader audience and increase your chances of getting more views on Instagram Reels.

Optimized On-screen Text Placement

How to get more views on reels 2021? Through optimizing on-screen text placement whether it be closed captions or any other text. The audience should be able to easily view your text so ensure it is within 4:5 dimensions. Your followers will have no difficulty reading the text and will discover viewing your reels as an engaging experience. 

Remove the Watermark of Other Video Sharing Platforms

If you want to improve your Reels views, it’s important to know that Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes original content. Therefore, recycling videos from other platforms like TikTok might decrease your chances of appearing on the Instagram Explore Page and the Reels tab. However, there is a Reels views hack to repurpose videos from other platforms, and that is to remove their watermarks first. By removing the watermarks, your videos will appear more original and have a better chance of getting more views on Instagram Reels. You can remove the watermarks using watermark removal tools like MusicallyDown, Snaptik App, or Apowersoft’s Online Watermark Removal. You can also remove the watermarks by screen recording the videos and then cropping the recording that contains the watermark. By implementing this Reels views hack, you can increase your chances of reaching a wider audience and getting more views on Instagram Reels.

Share the Reels to Your Feed and Stories

How to get more views on reels after posting? Share reels to your Instagram feed and stories to increase their views. Share your reels as widely as you can. It helps your reels gain more visibility and be viewed and shared further.

Stay on with the Trends, But Only till They are Trendy 

Trends come and go quickly, that’s why they are called trends. It’s the same with fashion, and also with Reels. You need to pick and go with a trend till it’s hot. Then hop on to another. A simple trick will help you achieve this. Go through the other influencers’ profiles who are active in your niche. Include other social media platforms in your search. Search for a particular trend that consistently comes up. It could be a challenge, a dance trend, an audio clip, or a specific song. Use it in your reels if it aligns with your brand or business to get more likes on reels.  

Use Audio from Other Reels

Continuing on the above theme, if you viewed an Instagram reel and want to use their original audio for your reel? Follow the tips given ahead. Open the reel you want the audio from. Next, press the “Original Audio” option that is at the top of that video. On the next screen, press the “Use Audio” option located at the bottom. You will be directed to the “Reels Camera” next. Record the original audio. Keep in mind that this audio will always be credited to the original creator. 

Include Hashtags

How to use hashtags to get more views on reels? Hashtags help the Instagram algorithm understand what your content is all about. This helps them serve and recommend it to the relevant audiences. Use hashtags that are related to your particular niche. 

Use Other Music Libraries

Although Instagram Reels has a vast collection of tracks you can use other reputed sites that offer free and legal music. Music is essential for creating short and engaging videos and using fresh new music will increase the unique appeal of your reels. 

Remix Instagram Reels 

How to get 100k views on reels? You can use it to give your unique touch to already popular videos and remix them. The remix is enabled for new reels only so if you want to remix your old videos then you need to press the three dots menu that is located at the bottom right corner. Then select the “Enable Remix” option. Now go ahead and give Remix a try. 


How to get more views on reels? We hope the above article answered your questions. Use the given hacks to stand apart from the competition, get more likes, engage old and reach new audiences and build your brand.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an Instagram Reels Views Hack?

An Instagram Reels Views Hack is a method or technique that can be used to increase the number of views on your Instagram Reels videos.

Can using an Instagram Reels Views Hack get me banned from Instagram?

Yes, using a Reels Views Hack can get your account banned or suspended by Instagram. It is against Instagram's terms of service to use any kind of bot or automation tool to increase engagement on your content.

Are there any safe and legitimate ways to increase views on my Instagram Reels videos?

Yes, there are legitimate ways to increase views on your Instagram Reels videos. These include creating high-quality and engaging content, using relevant hashtags, and promoting your Reels on other social media platforms.

Are there any paid options to increase views on my Instagram Reels videos?

Yes, Instagram offers paid options such as Instagram Ads to increase the visibility of your Reels videos to a wider audience.

Can I use an Instagram Reels Views Hack without my followers knowing?

No, using an Instagram Reels Views Hack can affect the authenticity of your account and may be noticed by your followers.

Are there any risks associated with using an Instagram Reels Views Hack?

Yes, using an Instagram Reels Views Hack can lead to Instagram algorithm changes that affect your account's visibility and engagement. It may also lead to your account being banned or suspended.

Is it worth it to use an Instagram Reels Views Hack to increase my video views?

No, it is not worth it to use an Instagram Reels Views Hack to increase your video views. The risks associated with using these hacks outweigh the potential benefits.

Can I report someone who is using an Instagram Reels Views Hack?

Yes, you can report an account that you suspect is using an Instagram Reels Views Hack. You can report the account through Instagram's reporting feature.

What are some alternatives to using an Instagram Reels Views Hack?

Alternatives to using an Instagram Reels Views Hack include promoting your content through other social media platforms, collaborating with other creators, and creating high-quality and engaging content.

How can I improve the visibility of my Instagram Reels videos?

You can improve the visibility of your Instagram Reels videos by using relevant hashtags, creating engaging and high-quality content, promoting your content on other social media platforms, and engaging with your audience.