Whether you are Manufacturing, Services or SAAS company. Acquiring customers through digital means is a tough challenge. Most of your customer come through Word of Mouth/Referrals

However, we at Brego Business have cracked to code to help you build your personal brand, tie it back to the company and generate direct relevant leads all on Linkedin

Zubin Narielwala - Head of Product (LinkedIn Marketing)

Accelerate Your Business Revenue Faster

with The Right LinkedIn Strategy

Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about your next lead

Today as a B2B firm it has become increasingly difficult to acquire customers online. Why waste so much money “figuring it out” when you can have the right team hit the ground and generate leads for you.

Why do you Need a Great

Social Media Team Today?

Why do you Need a Great Social Media Team Today?

Increasing LTV

Consistency is key! Constant posting and regular updates about the brand will definitely increase the amount of organic traffic you receive on your website

Increase Engagement & Shares

Optimizing your posts and focusing on the right type of content can help you increase engagement significantly hence improving overall reach of your brand

Building Thought Leadership

Your clients want to work with the experts. What better platform to build yourself as an expert in your field than LinkedIn.

Inability to Run Ads

Let’s face it as a B2B company, running ads to generate leads might not be the best use of your capital. Especially with the high Cost Per Lead it comes with!

Don’t Rely on Referrals to Grow Your Business - Let

our LinkedIn Team Help You Generate Leads

When You Allow Us to Manage Your Books - You Have More Time For Your Business

Your target audience is present on LinkedIn & through tools like Sales Navigator we can get
the right customers to interact and transact with you

Create the right filters to find your target companies

We generate lists of all individuals who we can reach out to within the companies

Our outreach to them via messages converts them into a lead

Your team get’s in touch, contacts them and closes the customer

Work With Us

We are a digital marketing agency helping businesses scale their profits with the help of the right Digital Strategies

Iron out the Right LinkedIn Strategy
Improve Engagement
Increase Organic Traffic
Generate Leads via LInkedIn

Built by a Marketer
Who’s Done it Before

After spending over 8 years working with Startups, Funded Companies & MNCs, we’ve
realized that B2B companies never really have a market to generate leads digitally. Usually they can only focus on word of mouth/referrals for all their revenue.

This is where we identified a gap - after years of working with companies in manufacturing, services and SAAS, we built a system that allows us to generate consistent leads & revenue for our customers via LinkedIn as a platform.

We’ve specialized in scaling brands significantly on LinkedIn and have successfully done this for many companies like Delux Bearings, AEEDEE, Pocket POS and many more

Built by a Marketer
Who’s Done it Before

Our Work

Case Studies

Three One Coffee

We swiftly addressed challenges hindering a coffee machine company's LinkedIn marketing, enhancing brand visibility, lead generation, and thought leadership within weeks.

Delux Bearing

We assisted a major automotive player in enhancing their company profile, addressing key areas like brand visibility and thought leadership. Our efforts resulted in a 10x increase in brand visibility within a month.

Anneysa Ghosh Kumar

In two weeks, we enhanced a successful entrepreneur's brand presence and engagement by implementing a targeted content strategy for her profile.


We enhanced a real estate digital storefront's brand voice, positioning them as industry thought leaders. Our LinkedIn profile optimization achieved visibility, thought leadership, and lead generation within two months.

Mayank Agarwal

We assisted a real estate entrepreneur in transitioning from Instagram to LinkedIn, enabling them to establish thought leadership and boost their brand presence within a month at Brego Business.

Pocket Pos

Brego Business successfully boosted a tech solutions provider's founder profile on LinkedIn, overcoming challenges and generating leads within two months. Their expert guidance increased brand visibility and positioned the founder as a thought leader.

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