My Eco Tribe is a family-run business committed to sustainability in every form. The business works to find eco-friendly…

My Eco Tribe

About the Company

My Eco Tribe is a family-run business with a mission to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness in every aspect of life. The founders of the business are passionate about finding eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products and sharing them with their customers to make a positive impact on the environment.The marketplaces of today are overflowing with products that perpetuate waste and harm the environment. My Eco Tribe has taken it upon themselves to search for the best eco-friendly alternatives to these products. They have researched and tested various products, ensuring that they meet their standards for sustainability, quality, and effectiveness.

My Eco Tribe offers a range of eco-friendly products, including reusable straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and biodegradable cleaning supplies. They believe that even small changes in our daily routines can make a significant impact on the environment. By choosing products that are sustainable and eco-friendly, customers can play their part in creating a greener future.

In addition to offering eco-friendly products, My Eco Tribe also provides educational resources to help customers understand the importance of sustainability and the impact of their choices. They share information on their website and social media platforms about the benefits of eco-friendly alternatives and tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle.My Eco Tribe is committed to ensuring that their products are accessible to everyone. They strive to keep their prices affordable, making eco-friendly alternatives accessible to a broader audience. By doing so, they hope to encourage more people to switch to sustainable products and make a positive impact on the environment.The founders of My Eco Tribe believe that every individual can make a difference and create a more sustainable world. They aim to inspire their customers to take small steps towards sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. Through their business, they hope to create a community of like-minded individuals who share their passion for sustainability and eco-friendliness.Overall, My Eco Tribe is a family-run business that is dedicated to promoting sustainability in every aspect of life. They offer eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products, educational resources, and a sense of community for individuals who share their passion for sustainability. They are committed to making eco-friendly products accessible to everyone and hope to inspire individuals to take small steps towards a more sustainable future.

Challenges faced by the company

My Eco Tribe faced significant challenges before their association with Brego Business. As an e-commerce business that aggregates products from multiple vendors and sells them on their web platform, they lacked a formalized system for accounting and bookkeeping. This made it difficult to keep track of financial transactions, and the absence of a comprehensive MIS reporting system made it difficult to gain insights into their financial health.

Without a proper accounting system in place, My Eco Tribe was unable to efficiently manage their cash flow and make informed decisions. The lack of a streamlined system also resulted in delays in vendor payments and billing, which affected the company’s reputation and relationships with its vendors.

Additionally, the absence of compliance expertise exposed the business to potential legal risks and penalties. The company had to rely on limited knowledge of tax laws and regulations, which made it difficult to stay compliant with the latest updates and changes.

Overall, the lack of a proper accounting system, MIS reporting system, and compliance expertise presented significant challenges to My Eco Tribe’s financial management and growth.

Our Approach

Brego Business took an efficient approach to improve the accounting processes for My Eco Tribe, a family-run e-commerce business committed to sustainability. The focus was to streamline their finances and keep them informed about their financial status through weekly calls and comprehensive MIS reports.The team at Brego Business implemented an organized system for accounting and bookkeeping to ensure the business was tax compliant and their books of accounts were in order. This provided My Eco Tribe with peace of mind, knowing that their financials were being handled correctly and on time.Furthermore, Brego Business’s skilled professionals were able to identify areas where the business could improve its financial processes and offered guidance and advice to optimize their cash flow. This allowed My Eco Tribe to focus on their core business activities and growth, as they no longer had to worry about the intricacies of their finances.

The monthly MIS reports provided by Brego Business allowed My Eco Tribe to receive a comprehensive overview of their financial activities. This helped them to analyze their financial performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about their business. The reports were customized to suit the needs of the business and were presented in a way that was easy to understand, allowing them to track their progress towards their financial goals.

In conclusion, Brego Business’s approach to improving the accounting and financial processes for My Eco Tribe has been highly efficient. The implementation of an organized system for accounting and bookkeeping, coupled with regular updates on financial status through weekly calls and MIS reports, has helped the business to focus on its core activities and achieve growth. The business is now better positioned to achieve its sustainability goals, thanks to the support provided by Brego Business.

The Result

My Eco Tribe expressed their satisfaction with the services provided by Brego Business, as the accounting firm was able to provide a diverse range of skill sets and levels of experience. This allowed the family-run business to access a broad range of expertise and knowledge, which proved to be beneficial to their operations.

The firm was pleased with the personalized attention and support they received from Brego Business. The accounting firm took the time to understand the unique needs and challenges of the e-commerce business and worked to develop customized solutions to address them.Furthermore, the family-run business found the communication with Brego Business to be transparent and responsive. The accounting firm was always available to answer any queries and provide timely updates on financial matters, which helped My Eco Tribe make informed decisions.

Overall, My Eco Tribe was highly satisfied with the services provided by Brego Business and expressed their willingness to recommend the accounting firm to other entrepreneurs. The e-commerce business recognized the value of having a competent and reliable accounting partner in Brego Business, which allowed them to focus on growing their business while ensuring their finances were in order.

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