Nestled in the enchanting Satpura region of Madhya Pradesh, Forsyth Lodge stands as a luxurious jungle resort where…

Forsyth Lodge

About the Company

Nestled in the enchanting Satpura region of Madhya Pradesh, Forsyth Lodge stands as a luxurious jungle resort where passion for people and wildlife thrives. Managed by a dedicated team of individuals who genuinely care, the lodge offers a personalized and humanized experience to its guests.

During the off-season, the resort’s naturalists and staff immerse themselves in an intensive learning program designed to refine their guiding skills and create extraordinary experiences for visitors. With a meticulous eye for detail, they plan each guest’s vacation days in advance, aiming to forge strong interpersonal connections and weave unforgettable stories.

At the heart of Forsyth Lodge lies a steadfast commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism. The lodge’s staff and naturalists work hand in hand with the local community to safeguard the environment and promote responsible tourism practices. Moreover, the lodge actively supports various conservation projects, including the protection of the endangered barasingha, a majestic creature native to the area.

The naturalists at Forsyth Lodge are driven by their profound passion for their craft. They undergo a rigorous training program that elevates their guiding skills and enriches their knowledge of the local flora and fauna. Eager to share their expertise, they take great pride in acquainting guests with the intricate wonders of the region. Collaborating closely with visitors, they curate personalized itineraries that cater to individual interests and preferences.

The lodge offers an array of captivating activities for guests to indulge in. From thrilling wildlife safaris and serene bird watching excursions to immersive nature walks and cultural visits to nearby villages, there is an adventure to suit every inclination. The naturalists’ mastery in identifying and tracking wildlife ensures that guests are treated to up-close encounters with the park’s diverse inhabitants, such as tigers, leopards, sloth bears, and an array of elegant deer and antelopes.

Beyond mere observation, guests have the opportunity to actively contribute to conservation efforts. Whether it’s participating in tree-planting initiatives, monitoring wildlife populations, or engaging in community development projects, these activities empower guests to make a positive impact on the environment and the local community.Every aspect of Forsyth Lodge is crafted with a genuine dedication to providing a personalized and humanized experience. It is a place where the love for people and wildlife intertwines, where each guest is welcomed with open arms and where unforgettable memories are forged amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the Satpura region.

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Our Approach

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The Results

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