Most brands today are dying because of their inability to communicate and capture their audience’s mind on social channels. Most agencies and in-house team focus on only “hygiene content”.

The real differentiator for your business is when you have the right agency set up social as a sales channel to help you grow your brand and increase brand recall.

Zeel Mehta - Head of Product (Social Media)

Accelerate Your Business Revenue Faster

with The Right Social Strategy

Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about your brand

Today, as a business owner you spend hours trying to figure out the best social strategy to help you create the right brand awareness. Why waste so much money “figuring it out” when you can have the right team hit the ground running.

Why do you Need a Great

Social Media Team Today?

Why do you Need a Great Social Media Team Today?

Expensive Ad Costs

Let’s face it, the cost to run ads have increased. Creating brand recall via social media can help you generate organic traffic and sales in the long run, without being dependant on ads

Increase Engagement & Shares

Optimizing your posts and focusing on the right type of content can help you increase engagement significantly hence improving overall reach of your brand

Multiple Platforms

Social Media is not just about posting on Instagram or Facebook, it now has to be an Omni channel approach where you focus on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and much more

Increasing LTV

Consistency is key! Constant posting and regular updates about the brand will definitely increase the amount of organic traffic you receive on your website

Stop Spamming Your Customers with the Wrong
Creatives & Ads. Instead Nurture Relationships

with them Through the Right Ad Strategy

Stop Spamming Your Customers with the Wrong Creatives & Ads. Instead Nurture Relationships with them Through the Right Ad Strategy

Building your own team inhouse can be a challenge but when you have Brego Business
on board you have the time to


To help you educate the customer about your product & industry


To inspire confidence in your products and create relatability


To keep your customer entertained through your content journey


To stay on top of the latest trends

Work With Us

We are a digital marketing agency helping businesses scale their profits with the help of the right Digital Strategies

Iron out the Right Social Strategy
Improve Engagement
Generate Organic Traffic
Increase Customer Loyalty & Lifetime Value

Built by a Marketer
Who’s Done it Before

After spending over 8 years working with Startups, Funded Companies & MNCs, we’ve understood everything it takes to build a world class Social Media strategy. Our time has been spent building a wealth of knowledge and experience across 25+ sectors like Ecommerce, Edtech, Hospitality & manufacturing.

We’ve specialized in scaling brands significantly on social platforms and have successfully done this for many companies like Charak Pharma, Peninsula Land, Forsyth Lodge, Deltin and many more

Built by a Marketer
Who’s Done it Before

Our Work

Case Studies

About Oxygen

Brego Business successfully doubled a diabetes care company's conversion rate from 14% to 30.7% within 2 months, overcoming lead generation challenges.

Forsyth Lodge

Brego Business transformed a lavish jungle resort, overcoming operational challenges and boosting its social media presence with a remarkable 13 million increase in impressions within a quarter.

About Vedistry

Boosted online presence for a health and wellness product provider through compelling content, resulting in significant growth in impressions, engagement, and followers within a few months.

Peninsula Land

Revamped a real estate company's social media with creative flair, boosting engagement, followers, and overall impressions in just two months.


Brego Business overcame social media challenges for a sleepwear brand, boosting online engagement and enhancing unique offerings, resulting in a 5x increase in engagement.

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