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27 Jun 2022 | Business & Strategy

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Utilising Meta Business Suite to promote business across meta platforms

Businesses worldwide spend $115 billion on ads across Meta (formally known as Facebook) platforms. Meta provides business account holders with excellent tools to manage their business accounts on Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Meta Business Suite (formally Facebook Business Suite) is a set of tools that allow businesses to streamline their Facebook and Instagram business accounts through a single easy-to-use interface. Moreover, Meta Business Suite provides businesses with actionable insights based on their Facebook or Instagram business page activities.

Introduced in September 2020, Meta Business Suite was created to replace the Facebook Business Manager, which was a one-stop solution to manage all Facebook marketing and advertising activities. Meta Business Suite is a platform that centralises business accounts of

Facebook and Instagram and messaging tools in one place, allowing businesses to save their time, connect more users and optimise marketing activities for better business results.

Advancements made in Meta Business Suite compared to its predecessors

As mentioned above, Meta Business Suite is designed to replace Facebook Business Manager. Even the previously redirecting users to the Business Manager link now takes users to Meta Business Suite by default. Now, let’s move to changes made in Business Suite compared to Business Manager.

Meta Business Suite Vs Facebook Business Manager 

Facebook has a new interface for business that consists of a unified toolset designed to manage all business marketing and advertisement related activities on Facebook and Instagram. On the home screen of the new interface, users can see notifications of their Facebook and Instagram business accounts, an overview of recent posts and primary insights related to performance.

Moreover, there is a new unified inbox to receive messages for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, along with comments from business accounts on Facebook and Instagram. This inbox allows business account holders to set up automated messages to respond to people and followers. The insight screen in the business suite shows insights related to Facebook and Instagram more simplified. It gives information to understand the audience on both social media platforms.

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Meta Business Suite Vs Facebook Creator Studio 

While Meta Business Suite is intended to streamline Facebook and Instagram business accounts, Creator Studio is designed to provide specific tools for content creators. Moreover, Creator Studio includes features that enable content creators to monetise their content, which is not available in Meta Business Suite. Users can schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram through both Business Suite and Creator Studio.

Business Suite allows users to create and schedule stories for both Facebook and Instagram, while Creator Studio enables users to create and schedule stories only for Facebook. When it comes to story editing options, Instagram has more options itself, but cropping and limited sticker choices are available in the Business Suite. Business Suite allows users to compare insights about their Facebook and Instagram accounts on the same screen. On the other hand, users have to use two different tabs on Creator Studio.

Meta Business Suite: an inclusive set of marketing tools

However, we have discussed some Meta Business Suite features compared to Business Manager and Content creator. Here, we will discuss in detail the features of Meta Business Suite.

  • The Meta Business Suite home page provides an overview of all that is happening with your Facebook and Instagram business profiles. You’ll see some essential insights, a table of recent posts with engagement data, current ads, a timetable of scheduled posts, and a to-do list of activities.
  • Meta Business Suite allows users to track ad spending across Facebook and Instagram. Users can modify their expenditure based on how well their ads perform. For instance, if a user is spending much on the Instagram ads, but the insights indicate they’re not doing well, users can redirect their spending to the other Meta platforms with better success.
  • Meta (Facebook) Business Suite enables users to track engagement with organic and promoted content. Users can evaluate which content works best and use that information to drive future campaigns and the content they post on Meta Platforms.
  • Meta Business Suite lets its users view statistics about people who engage with their business profile and content. Users see where they’re from, their personal preferences, age, and other information. Users can utilise this information to keep developing content for their existing consumers or modify their strategy if their content isn’t reaching the appropriate audience.

Setting up Meta Business Suite for your business.

Based on what we’ve discussed so far, you might have a clear understanding of all the reasons why your company or business should begin utilising the Facebook Business Manager. Now let’s dive into how to use Meta Business Suite for your business.

  • Create a Facebook Business Account- Visit and select “Create a Facebook Business Account”. When it is done, enter your business account name and click “Next.”
  • Enter your contact details – Enter the complete name of your business or company, including your email address. This information will not be shared with your followers. Facebook will only use it to contact you.
  • Choose your Facebook and Instagram profiles. You have the option to claim your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You won’t be able to select it if you’re managing someone else’s account.
  • It must first be converted to a business or creator account to choose an Instagram account. When you choose a personal account, Facebook will request you to switch before proceeding with the setup procedure.
  • Add people to your Facebook Business Account- Here, choose admins (or other roles) to manage your business page. Enter their information like email addresses and give them access (limited or complete) as per their job roles. If you’re managing our business on your own, you can bypass this step.
  • Review your Facebook Business Account- if you’re comfortable with your choices for admin roles in your Business Suite, select “Confirm.” Facebook will then redirect you to your dashboard summary, and you can start utilising all the tools and features inside the suite for your business promotion.
  • Create stories or posts to promote your business – You can start promoting your business or creating posts directly through the home screen. On the right, you can see current insights on trends that indicate how your Business page has performed over seven days, along with the total number of likes on the page till now.
  • Set up your business page- You can find ‘Page Settings’ in the ‘All Tools’ section to set up who can post on your timeline, enter page info, page roles and much more.
  • Connect your Instagram account – Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Business Assets’. Now, you will be able to navigate ‘Instagram accounts’ and select ‘Add Instagram Account. Once done, you will be able to manage your Instagram activities through the Meta Business suite.
  • Track audience activity – To check what your audience is doing on your Facebook and Instagram business page, check ‘Notifications’. Here you can check who liked, shared or connected to your posts or stories.
  • Respond to your audience – Check out the ‘Inbox’ section to see all comments and messages sent to your Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. You can choose to respond to them manually or set up ‘automated responses’. Moreover, you can give a personalised touch to automated responses by adding the first or last name of the person.

Meta Business Suite as a free marketing tool for small businesses

Meta Business Suite is a marketing solution like Business Manager, intended for small businesses, with some additional tools and features to streamline the management of Facebook/Instagram business accounts. However, Meta is working towards expanding the suite’s capability to businesses of all sizes. As a result, we anticipate a bunch of updates in the near future.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite is a platform that allows businesses to manage their presence on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It provides a range of tools for managing social media accounts, creating ads, and analyzing data.

How is Meta Business Suite different from Facebook Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite is the new name for Facebook Business Suite. The platform has been rebranded as part of Facebook's move to become Meta.

What are the benefits of using Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite provides a range of benefits for businesses, including the ability to manage multiple social media accounts from one platform, create and manage ads, and analyze data to improve marketing campaigns.

Can Meta Business Suite be used for all social media platforms?

No, Meta Business Suite is designed specifically for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms owned by Meta. It cannot be used for other social media platforms.

How do I get started with Meta Business Suite?

To get started with Meta Business Suite, you need to create a Facebook Business Manager account. From there, you can access Meta Business Suite and begin managing your social media accounts.

Is there a cost to use Meta Business Suite?

No, Meta Business Suite is free to use for businesses.

What is the Meta Business Suite App?

The Meta Business Suite App is a mobile app that allows businesses to manage their social media accounts on the go. It provides access to many of the same features as the desktop version of Meta Business Suite.

Can I use Meta Business Suite for e-commerce?

Yes, Meta Business Suite provides tools for creating and managing ads for e-commerce businesses. You can also use the platform to track sales and analyze customer data.

What is the Meta Business Suite API?

The Meta Business Suite API allows developers to create custom integrations with Meta Business Suite. This can be useful for businesses that want to automate certain tasks or integrate with other systems.

How does Meta Business Suite compare to other social media management platforms?

Meta Business Suite is a popular platform for managing social media accounts, but there are many other options available. Some popular alternatives include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer. It's important to evaluate each platform based on your specific needs and budget.