What not to do when you’re trying to motivate your team!!

27 Jun 2022 | Business & Strategy

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What not to do when you’re trying to motivate your team!!

Today organizations have invested in the professional development of their team members. It’s also the company’s responsibility to make various resources available to support the employees at the organizations and guide them to the development and progress of themselves and the organization as one. Organizations that do not put much effort into attracting and retaining talented personnel may find themselves in an awful position at some point in time. The best way to retain talent is by providing the employees with a platform for achieving personal success and growth.

Getting off to a good start with the employees is vital as it makes the employees develop a better understanding of the organization and eventually it results in them making a great impact and it creates a great position to show that you’re interested in investing in their skills to make them grow rather than go. Recognizing and rewarding the employees plays an effective and positive impact on the employees. Accepting your mistake will also build faith in you and the organization.

Even after doing the right things to motivate the employees, there are various points or factors we oversee while managing the employees as a result most of the employees tend to leave the organization as it has been often said that employees don’t quit the organizations, they often quit their managers or supervisors by leaving the company. I have listed down a few important factors that should be avoided while motivating your employee.

  • Making stuff up: Making vague or false stories to employees is not a good idea as employees don’t buy the idea and identify the manager is bluffing and out-and-out lying which wears down the trust between the employee and the manager.
  • Telling employees they’re replaceable: Letting the employee know they can be replaced easily demotivating to any employee. If employees are not acknowledged for the work they do it will affect their output significantly. Also not recognizing the employees’ extra efforts or hard work even after noticing it. Even though the employee is not performing up to a certain level by telling them they can be replaced won’t add any extra effort or enthusiasm to his/her work, in fact, the employee will doubt themselves.
  • Do not get angry: “Getting angry is easy. Anyone can do that. But getting angry in the right way in the right amount at the right time, now that is hard.” (Mark Twain). Getting angry does not provide a solution to any problem. The best solution is to always keep calm and avoid needless arguments.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions without checking your facts first: There may be several situations where a manager will have to take a decision against an employee. It is essential to get into the depth of the situation and find out the true facts.
  • Don’t micromanage: Employees usually do not like bosses who continuously look over them and tell them what to do and where they are wrong. In fact, they should be provided clear goals by the manager, and the employees should figure out the best possible way to accomplish them and lend a helping and when required.
  • Don’t punish failures: Failure is a stepping stone to success. As humans, we are all prone to make mistakes. The best way is to learn something valuable from the mistakes and not repeat the mistakes again. Instead of punishing the employee, a manager should encourage the employee to try again.
  • Focusing on monetary incentives: Organizations and managers more frequently assume that employees are motivated by incentives, bonus, raises, etc. This is not completely true. A study showed that most employees enlisted four factors that motivate them ahead of Incentives and good wages – Interesting work, appreciation of work, feeling “in on the things” and job security
  • Do not treat everyone the same: Treating everyone equally is good but in an organization, it can kill the overall morale and motivation of the employees. For example, if you treat your best-performing employee similarly to an employee whose performance is not up to the mark, imagine how they would feel?? On the other hand, the low performers won’t have any feeling to improve which results in demotivation.
  • Ignoring achievements: Another thing that leads to demotivation is not appreciating or recognizing a job done well. It is important that it’s noticed by peers and managers. A manager should know when and how to appreciate an employee or the team and more significantly how much to appreciate.
  • Treating your team as robots: It shouldn’t be mentioned that employees are humans and not machines and believe it or not every employee does have a life outside the organization. If you start treating your team like a 9-5 robot they’ll behave like one and eventually leave the organization. It’s key to empathize with the employees and understand their interests, hobbies, family, etc.

As a manager’s responsibility, it is essential to ensure that every employee has the same motivation and the same desire to succeed.

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