Wildlife SOS was established to make lasting changes to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forests, and biodiversity…

Wildlife SOS


Wildlife SOS is an Indian non-profit organization that was established to protect and conserve the country’s natural heritage, forests, and biodiversity. With a strong focus on wildlife protection, the organization works towards conserving habitats, studying biodiversity, conducting research, and creating sustainable livelihoods for communities that depend on wildlife for sustenance.

One of the primary objectives of Wildlife SOS is to protect and conserve wildlife in India. This includes rescuing animals from situations of distress, such as poaching, exploitation, and habitat destruction. The organization has rescued thousands of animals over the years, including elephants, bears, leopards, and birds, among others. They work closely with local authorities and communities to ensure that animals are treated with care and respect, and that they are released into safe and suitable habitats.

In addition to rescuing animals, Wildlife SOS also works towards conserving their habitats. The organization recognizes that the survival of many species is linked to the health and preservation of their natural environments. To this end, they engage in habitat conservation efforts, such as reforestation, river restoration, and the creation of wildlife corridors. These efforts are designed to ensure that wildlife populations can thrive in their natural habitats.

Another important aspect of Wildlife SOS’s work is the study of biodiversity. The organization conducts research on a variety of topics, including animal behaviour, population dynamics, and ecosystem functioning. This research provides valuable insights into the natural world and helps to inform conservation efforts.

Finally, Wildlife SOS recognizes the importance of creating sustainable livelihoods for communities that depend on wildlife for their survival. They work with local communities to develop alternative sources of income that do not involve the exploitation of wildlife. This includes initiatives such as eco-tourism, sustainable agriculture, and handicraft production. By creating these alternative livelihoods, Wildlife SOS is helping to reduce the pressure on wildlife populations and promote sustainable development.

Overall, the organization is dedicated and passionate about conservation of India’s natural heritage. Through their rescue efforts, habitat conservation, research, and community development initiatives, they are helping to protect and preserve the country’s rich biodiversity for future generations.


When Brego Business was tasked with producing a video for Wildlife SOS, they realized that in order to create a video that would be effective, they needed to conduct extensive research into the institution’s background, mission, and target audience. This was critical to ensure that the video not only met the goals of Wildlife SOS but also resonated with the viewers.

To accomplish this, the team spent time analysing data on the institution’s impact, studying the work that they do to protect wildlife, conserve habitat, study biodiversity, conduct research, and create alternative and sustainable livelihoods. The team also took the time to understand the needs and interests of the viewers, which helped them to develop a video concept that would speak directly to the viewers and capture their attention

The team recognized that it was essential to showcase the work that Wildlife SOS does, including their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, and protect their habitats. The video also highlighted the research that Wildlife SOS conducts, which provides insights into the challenges faced by wildlife and their habitats, and how they can be addressed.

The team recognized the importance of presenting Wildlife SOS as an institution that is dedicated to making lasting changes to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forests, and biodiversity. The video showcased the various ways that Wildlife SOS works towards achieving their goals, including their efforts to create alternative and sustainable livelihoods for erstwhile communities that depend on wildlife for sustenance.

The team also recognized that the video needed to be visually engaging, and thus, they carefully planned the shoot locations, ensuring that they captured the beauty of the natural environment and the diverse wildlife that Wildlife SOS is working hard to protect. They also paid close attention to the props, ensuring that they were carefully placed, and that they helped to tell the story of Wildlife SOS.

Overall, Brego Business’s approach to producing the video for Wildlife SOS was thoughtful and effective. The team recognized the importance of conducting extensive research, developing a compelling video concept, and carefully planning the shoot locations and props to ensure that the video effectively captured the work and mission of Wildlife SOS, and resonated with the viewers.

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